Monitok Unveils Points program to promote self-custody between crypto users.

Vilnius, Lithuania, March  18, 2024 Monitok, a next-gen self-custodial exchange that combines features of both decentralized and centralized trading platforms, recently announced its Monitok rewards program. To celebrate their new project’s launch, the team is giving away 10,000,000 points. This announcement further hints at a future token airdrop from the pool of 100,000 USD worth […]

“OKX: A Trusted Crypto Exchange with Over 50 Million Users Worldwide”

Introduction OKX is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users worldwide to access cryptocurrency with ease. The exchange can be a good option for  cryptocurrency traders who want to buy and sell crypto with cheap exchange costs.  You can easily purchase cryptocurrency with a card, bank account, or mobile wallet if you have an […]

Limitless Network: Unveiling the Future of Finance with AI and Blockchain

London, UK, March 21, 2024 In the era of digital innovation, Limitless Network emerges as a formidable force, seamlessly intertwining artificial intelligence (AI) prowess with the robustness of blockchain technology to redefine the financial landscape. Marking a monumental milestone, the network proudly announces an unprecedented growth of 550x since its inception just 11 months ago, […]

THE Community Donkey of Avalanche Gallops into the DeFi Realm

In a realm where innovation knows no bounds and community reigns supreme, enter the enigmatic presence of Donk Inu of Avalanche ($DONK). Born from the depths of decentralized finance (DeFi), $DONK embodies the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie, forging a path where every member is valued and every voice is heard. The $DONK ecosystem thrives […]

B2Trader Brokerage Platform is Live: Here’s How it Revolutionises Your Operations

As Bitcoin achieves unprecedented highs and the overall crypto market surpasses a value of $2.37 trillion, regulatory measures such as the MiCA regulation, effective from June 30, 2024, and subsequent directives set for December 30, 2024, are being introduced to enhance credibility and transparency, thereby fostering wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.  With more than 20,000 coins […]

B2Trader: A $5M Brokerage Project of B2Broker

Hong Kong, March 25, 2024 With Bitcoin reaching all-time highs and a total market capitalisation of over $2.37 trillion, the cryptocurrency sector is growing quickly. The MiCA rule will go into effect on June 30, 2024, and other regulations, intended to increase confidence and transparency and encourage broader use of cryptocurrencies, will follow on December […]

TOKEN2049 Brings Industry Leaders and Groundbreaking Concepts to Dubai

For years, TOKEN2049 has been one of the most important events on the crypto calendar. Thanks to a combination of star-studded speakers, top sponsors, and cutting-edge panels, it has become a go-to event for stakeholders across the board. TOKEN2049 is held each year in Singapore and Dubai and this year’s event will be held on […]

HoneyDAO Partners With Impossible Finance For The Much-Awaited Aethir Public Node Offering

Aethir recently announced its highly anticipated Node Sale event, which marks a significant leap forward within the world of decentralized computing. The trailblazing GPU cloud infrastructure provider, known for its innovation and cutting-edge solutions, will commence the public sale on March 20th. Aethir’s INO (Initial Node Offering) presents a unique opportunity for everyone to become […]

AZTEQ Metaverse Evolves “Life” – GameFi Unlocked for Everyone

Rosmalen, Netherlands, March 18, 2024 World’s First Web3 Native Metaverse Platform Revolutionizes Digital Interaction In an era where the digital world is rapidly evolving, one particular platform has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of GameFi. This platform, the world’s first web3 native metaverse, is redefining the boundaries of digital interaction with its innovative […]