B2Trader Brokerage Platform is Live: Here’s How it Revolutionises Your Operations

As Bitcoin achieves unprecedented highs and the overall crypto market surpasses a value of $2.37 trillion, regulatory measures such as the MiCA regulation, effective from June 30, 2024, and subsequent directives set for December 30, 2024, are being introduced to enhance credibility and transparency, thereby fostering wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

With more than 20,000 coins and tokens and a user base exceeding 300 million traders, in contrast to the FX market’s 128 currency pairs and an estimated 50 million traders, the appeal of crypto as a trading option is rapidly growing. 

In line with the escalating demand for crypto trading opportunities, B2Broker has unveiled the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), a comprehensive crypto spot broker solution tailored to assist businesses in capitalising on this lucrative trend and swiftly generating revenue.

Various entities across the financial landscape can reap the benefits of B2Trader. Here’s a breakdown of how each business model can leverage BBP to their advantage:

FOREX Brokers

B2Trader can serve as a valuable addition to any FOREX broker’s portfolio. Alongside traditional trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and cTrader, which primarily handle assets such as FX, crypto, equity indices, and precious metals for margin trading or as CFDs, integrating B2Trader allows brokers to offer exclusive crypto spot trading. This inclusion attracts a new segment of crypto traders interested in physical delivery or ownership, enabling brokers to generate revenue through commissions, markups, and effective risk management. 

Additionally, BBP provides a solution for regulated FOREX brokers to segregate their digital asset trading under a separate licence, promoting strategic diversification and maintaining a competitive advantage in the current market.

Crypto Brokers

Crypto brokers specialising in crypto CFDs, utilising crypto as collateral, and providing a blend of FX and crypto CFDs can leverage B2Trader to augment their current offerings with crypto spot trading capabilities. 

In the fiercely competitive client retention and acquisition landscape, the lack of crypto spot trading alternatives could prompt clients to explore other service providers. Consequently, integrating B2Trader presents a strategic advantage for brokerages, enabling them to respond to market dynamics promptly, provide sought-after crypto spot trading functionalities, and fulfil client requirements.

Market Makers

Utilising B2Trader, market makers can tap into multiple exchanges, streamline liquidity consolidation, maintain competitive spreads, optimise pricing, and facilitate smart routing execution across various venues.

Liquidity Providers

Including cryptocurrencies in your asset portfolio significantly enhances your attractiveness to brokers, hedge funds, and professional traders. B2Trader simplifies this endeavour by providing essential tools to broaden your market presence and improve revenue generation capabilities.

EMIs, Payment Systems, and Banks

For EMIs, PSPs, and banks, B2Trader offers a strategic advantage by facilitating diverse asset management, monitoring capabilities, and liquidity pool creation. It empowers these entities to augment their existing operations by incorporating crypto services, reducing the netting of all transactions, providing crypto account offerings, and enabling instant swaps. 

BBP unlocks boundless opportunities as the gateway to cryptocurrencies and its flourishing trends. With its comprehensive API and a full suite of essential components and modules, B2Trader easily incorporates into any business model.

More Speedy and Efficient Technology

Crafted for enterprise-level brokers catering to contemporary financial markets, B2Trader embodies high speed, efficiency, and high-tech functionality. Even in its fundamental configuration, it manages 3000 trading instruments and handles up to 3000 requests per second. The platform delivers real-time market data, updates occurring every 100 milliseconds, and ultra-fast order execution commencing from just one millisecond. Further enhancements can be achieved by bolstering cloud resources and computing capabilities.

Arthur Azizov, CEO and Founder of B2Broker said: “Today, B2Broker is a leading name in the FinTech industry. We began operating in the FOREX industry in 2014 and have been developing solutions for the crypto industry since 2017. B2Broker has earned multiple awards and recognitions, and our years of experience have allowed us to understand what the market needs exactly.

That’s why we created B2Trader. It’s our answer to the changing trends in finance. We have poured 18 months of hard work and over $5 million into B2Trader. BBP is built by our dedicated in-house team of 40 engineers, each contributing to a solution that truly meets the demands of today’s brokers. In the next 12 months, we are planning to double the team and enhance our offerings even further!”

Modern Technology Stack

Employing a cutting-edge technology stack, BBP prioritises reliability, scalability, and security by using the latest tools and protocols. Hosted on AWS for its dependable infrastructure, it mitigates hardware risks. Data management is handled through MongoDB and Amazon Redshift, supplemented by market insights from TradingView. 

Scalable deployments are facilitated by Kubernetes and Docker, with DDoS protection ensured by CloudFlare. The FIX protocol further enhances the efficiency and reliability of B2Trader. Below is the comprehensive list of protocols and technologies utilised:

Influential Integrations

Boasting potent integrations crafted by B2Broker, B2Trader delivers robust functionality. B2Broker provides an extensive array of products, encompassing a trading platform, OMS, pre-trade and post-trade control mechanisms, liquidity management system, Trading User Interface, CRM system, back-office tools, blockchain wallets for coin/token processing and collection, blockchain management system for automated payouts and settlements, mobile applications, comprehensive technical documentation, REST and FIX API protocols, advanced White Label options, and a host of other features.

Moreover, integrated with Marksman, a crypto liquidity distribution engine, B2Trader streamlines administration and ensures real-time market updates with the latest data. 

Through Marksman, crypto brokers can swiftly connect to top exchanges by simply inputting API credentials upon opening an account. This facilitates the creation of diverse liquidity pools sourced from various exchanges, enabling brokers to allocate specific execution and routing rules and establish failover protocols for both pairs and liquidity pools. 

B2Trader is accessible as a turnkey solution or for seamless integration with any CRM via REST API. For further details, interested parties can contact the sales team or their dedicated account manager, take advantage of the free demo, and launch their crypto spot brokerage within a week!


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