INX Launches On-Chain Tokenized NVIDIA Share Trading

Toronto, Canada, July 11th, 2024, Chainwire

INX, the regulated marketplace for trading security tokens and tokenized Real World Assets (RWA), proudly announces the listing of NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) shares on its platform. These tokenized shares, known as bNVDA, are backed one-to-one by NVIDIA shares, and issued on the Ethereum network in partnership with Backed. This initiative is designed for eligible non-US users, marking a significant advancement in the RWA market by bridging traditional financial assets with digital trading.

The Future of Investing

This launch is a monumental step towards democratizing access to traditional financial assets, seamlessly merging them with the 24/7 liquidity and accessibility to the digital asset space. Non-US eligible investors, including those in Asian markets, will be able to trade bNVDA with the ease and speed of cryptocurrencies, outside of traditional share market hours, and with the ability to fund their account with crypto. Self-custodial securities open up new possibilities for traders. 

Holders of bNVDA have the claim to the collateral value—Nvidia stock—held by a licensed custodian under an account control agreement. Importantly, they are entitled to all shareholder rights, including NVDA dividends.

“We are thrilled to initiate the listing of tokenized securities on our platform,” said Shy Datika, CEO of INX. “This represents another milestone in our journey to enable the trading of Real World Assets (RWA) tokens. We are committed to advancing the accessibility and efficiency of the tokenized asset market, ushering in a new era of global finance.”

INX provides a marketplace for tokenized assets, integrating crypto, fiat, and security tokens into a unified platform. Traders, especially those in Asian financial hubs, can now benefit from 24/7 availability to trade bNVDA, and fractional share ownership.

Key features of Trading Tokenized Shares

Self-Custody: Holding securities directly in a wallet that only the user controls.
24/7 Trading: Trading anytime, anywhere, not limited by traditional market hours—an advantage especially beneficial for investors in different time zones like Asia.
Shareholder rights -keeping the benefits of the share such as dividends.
ERC-20 Compatibility: Enjoying the benefits of using tokenized shares across various DeFi applications, such as collateral for loans and in liquidity pools.
Blockchain Security: Leveraging the inherent security and transparency of blockchain technology.
Access: Available to non-US qualified investors across multiple jurisdictions, including major Asian markets.
All On-chain: Funding the account with crypto or fiat and investing directly in tokenized shares.

To trade bNVDA, investors need to create an account on the INX platform and complete the required verification process.

About INX

In a world where anything can be tokenized on a blockchain network, INX provides an innovative, regulated marketplace for trading security tokens and tokenized assets, accommodating both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans, INX shares a vision to redefine capital markets through blockchain technology and a disciplined regulatory approach.

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