Bitcoin Builders Conference Set to Spotlight Innovation and the Future of the Bitcoin Economy

Nashville, Tennessee, July 9th, 2024, Chainwire

Nashville Event Brings Together Industry Leaders to Explore Bitcoin’s Expanding Capabilities and Layer 2 Solutions

The second annual Bitcoin Builders Conference, scheduled for July 25-26, 2024 in Nashville, arrives at a crucial moment in Bitcoin’s evolution beyond a store of value. This summit serves as the definitive gathering for the Bitcoin builders community, bringing together the most influential minds and projects shaping this rapidly growing ecosystem. The conference offers a comprehensive array of topics and opportunities for Bitcoin builders and enthusiasts to dive deep into the latest advancements, innovations, and trends that are transforming the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Running alongside and enhancing the Bitcoin 2024 conference, the Bitcoin Builders Conference provides a dedicated space for an emerging part of the community that will shape the future of the Bitcoin economy. The event is designed for Bitcoin builders and enthusiasts eager to explore the latest advancements, innovations, and trends. The speaker lineup, press, and investor participation reflect the growing interest in expanding Bitcoin’s ecosystem, particularly Layer 2 solutions and other Bitcoin scaling solutions.

The conference comes as Bitcoin continues to evolve as a secure base layer for applications and novel use cases, with an increasing focus on activating the network’s capital and global adoption. The Bitcoin Ecosystem has grown exponentially since December 2023, when the total value locked (“TVL”) for the entire ecosystem was around $320M from a limited set of contributing layers. Today’s TVL for the ecosystem has grown almost 7 times to over $2.2b from 17 of the now 70 growing Bitcoin layers and protocols (sources: and DeFi Llama). 

In light of this inflection point for the entire industry, the Bitcoin Builder’s Conference will showcase efforts of companies and projects from across the globe to enhance Bitcoin’s capabilities and onboard new users. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in live demos, technical workshops, keynote speeches, parties, panels, and discussions. The event will cover a wide range of topics including DeFi, rollups, mining, Ordinals, Bitcoin’s Layer 2’s, interoperability, storage, and more.

Event Highlights:

Live Demos: See the latest innovations in Bitcoin technology in action.
Technical Workshops: Hands-on sessions with experts to deepen your technical knowledge.
Keynote Speeches: Insightful talks from industry leaders on the future of Bitcoin.
Parties and Networking: Opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.
Panels and Discussions: In-depth discussions on key topics affecting the Bitcoin ecosystem.

“This event offers investors a unique opportunity to witness Bitcoin’s transformation from a mere store of value to a versatile and programmable blockchain,” says Catrina Wang, General Partner at Portal Ventures. “The wide range of participating projects showcases the enthusiasm of developers and the vibrance of the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin has always been a special asset – and excited to see events like Nashville Bitcoin Builders catalyze what it could become!”

Featured Speakers:

The conference will feature an impressive lineup of speakers who are leaders in the Bitcoin space. Some of the confirmed speakers include:

Jameson Lopp – Co-founder & Chief Security Officer, Casa
Gav Blaxberg – CEO, WOLF Financial 
Muneeb Ali – Co-Creator, Stacks
David Tse – Co-Founder, Babylon
Jonathan Sadlowe – General Partner, Gossamer Capital
Brittany Laughlin – Board Chairman, Stacks Foundation
Sunny Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Osmosis
Willem Schroe – Founder, Botanix Labs
Natalie Brunell – Host, Coin Stories
Alexei Zamyatin – Co-Founder, BOB
Brian Mahoney – Co-Founder, Acre
Nicolas Cabrera – VP of Product, Lightspark

“This conference is the epicenter of creative minds showcasing what’s possible with Bitcoin,” says Brittany Laughlin, Chairman of the Stacks Foundation board. “Fast, scalable Bitcoin transactions with L2s have captured the world’s attention and we’re seeing a surge of innovation. What gets built on Bitcoin will have a long-standing impact on the global financial system.”

The Bitcoin Builders Conference emphasizes the community’s focus on long-term development and technological progress. The event provides a platform to explore how Layer 2 solutions in particular can expand Bitcoin’s functionality, potentially enabling a new generation of Bitcoin-based applications and services.

For more information and to register, visit Bitcoin Builders Conference Website.

About Stacks 

Stacks is a Bitcoin L2 that enables smart contracts and decentralized applications to use Bitcoin as a secure base layer. The 2024 Nakamoto release will bring faster speeds as well as transactions that are as irreversible as Bitcoin’s once confirmed, setting the stage for a programmable Bitcoin asset called sBTC later in the year. ‍Stacks is the current leading Bitcoin L2 by developer traction and market cap and is poised to help unlock Bitcoin and its $1T in passive capital as a fully programmable, productive asset. The Stacks (STX) token, used as gas on the L2, was the first to undergo an SEC-qualified sale in the United States. The project explicitly decentralized with the mainnet launch in 2021. In the Stacks ecosystem, there are currently 30+ contributing entities including a non-profit Stacks Foundation, a developer tooling company Hiro, Xverse, Trust Machines, Mechanism, Bitcoin L2 Labs, ALEX, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, and more.


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