The Benefits of a Press Release Package

There are many ways to go about distributing your crypto press release. You could opt to distribute it yourself to the publications of your choice, combing through their guidelines to make sure that you get it right. You could opt for a service that will distribute your press releases on a one-off basis. Another option would be to opt for a crypto press release package like the ones we offer here at BTCWire.

These packages allow you to publish your press release with a pre-determined number and type of publication and offer several benefits:

Guaranteed Number of Publications 

When you choose to distribute your crypto press release by yourself, you have limited control over how many publications will accept it. You can reach out to dozens of publications but only a few of them might give it the green light. 

When you opt for a press release package, you can rest assured of the number of publications that will carry your release. Each package specifies the number of publications it comes with and this gives you an amount of certainty. It also helps to streamline tour marketing and PR efforts as the team will know how many places the release will appear. In some cases, you will know the names of all the publications it will appear in and this aids in your planning efforts.

Control Over Publication Time 

When you choose a press release package, you are typically told the publication timeline. Some guarantee next-day publication, some require a few working days, and so on. Either way, you know when you choose the package what time roughly your press release is going to be published. 

Just like with our earlier point, this allows you to coordinate marketing and PR efforts. Say your new product is to be released on a Wednesday. You can choose a package that guarantees next-day publication the day before you want it to be published. In some cases, you can choose the package and specify what date you want the release to come out. 

Either way, a crypto press release package simply gives you a level of control you cannot get by doing it yourself. Rather than depending on luck and chance to get your ideal publication date, a press release package can help ease your worries. 

Access to Exclusive Publications 

All press release packages are not created equal and some are more exclusive than others. When you look at the more expensive packages, you will typically see that they offer publication in more exclusive publications. This is because many of these publications are rather difficult to get published in. The top-grade publications will receive hundreds of press releases per day and getting noticed by them will usually require having a relationship with their editors. 

But press release package services like the ones we offer here at BTCWire are based on years of collaboration with these exclusive sites, which is why we can offer them to customers. You can spend years hoping to build these relationships or you can opt for a package that takes the burden off you. 

Support During the Submission Process

If you’ve ever gone through the process of submitting a crypto press release, you’ll know that it is not always a straightforward process. You have to navigate the different formatting and submission guidelines for different publications, track these submissions, reach out to editors if corrections need to be made, and so on. 

Doing this by yourself and handling the day-to-day running of a business can be daunting which is where press release packages come in. By opting for these packages, the backend of formatting and submitting the press releases and making sure that they are published on time is done for you. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also reach out to a customer service representative.

Press Release Package Added Services 

When you think of a press release package, your mind will probably go to the actual distribution of the press releases. While this is true, a quick look at our packages page here at BTCWire will show that there is a wealth of added services that you can opt for. 

Depending on your needs, you can have the press release itself written for you and save yourself the time of doing so. This will mean that the release will be crafted to your desired publication’s standard. You can pay for express publication if you need your press release published faster than usual. You can get consultation services which will improve your overall PR strategy. You could buy packages in bulk and have a constant cycle of press releases being put out.

Outside of the release’s distribution, there is a whole world of perks for you to take advantage of. 

Saving Time and Convenience 

Ultimately, arguably the biggest benefit of a crypto press release package service is the fact that it saves you time and gives you convenience. Writing a press release, much less multiple, takes time and effort that not everyone has. You also have to factor in researching various publications that might be the best for your release, finding the proper submission channel, submitting the release, tracking your submission, and doing so multiple times over. 

It is an added inconvenience and incurs some cost on your end. By outsourcing this to a press release package service, you save yourself a lot of time and effort, freeing yourself up to focus on other tasks. 


A crypto press release package is perhaps one of the best ways to automate and simplify the process of getting your press release published. Whilst some might be tempted to DIY the press release distribution process, it is a time-consuming and often tedious process. 

By choosing a press release package, you can have your releases published when you want and in the publications you desire, including the more exclusive ones. You can also access support during the submission process and take advantage of the myriad of add-on services.