Paytiko: Transforming the Future of Online Payments

Sofia, Bulgaria, July 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Paytiko is a payments management platform that unifies online payment flows from multiple providers into a single, seamless connection. This streamlines payment processes, reducing the stress and complexities of managing numerous payment providers. The team’s innovative solutions, advanced technology, user-friendly experience, and deep understanding of the payments landscape across various regions give us a competitive edge.

New Features and Benefits

Pay By Link: Revolutionizing Invoicing

One of Paytiko’s most innovative additions is the Pay By Link feature, which transforms how merchants issue direct payment invoices. This feature allows the creation of payment links tied to a payment provider within our ecosystem, enabling customers and suppliers to make payments without needing to download an application. This simplifies the entire payment process. When the payment link is clicked, users are redirected to a secure platform-specific link where they can enter the payment amount. This not only enhances convenience but also ensures transaction security, as phone numbers or account details are not displayed, providing complete protection for both the receiver and the sender.

Smart Routing: Ensuring Transaction Success

The Smart Routing system is another game-changing feature designed to improve transaction approval rates. It redirects payment declines to fallback providers for approval without disrupting the end-client experience. This sophisticated system works seamlessly with our 250+ credit card processors, including new ones added monthly. By selecting the fastest processing paths, Smart Routing reduces latency, ensuring quick and successful transactions. This is crucial for businesses requiring speedy transaction processing, reducing the risk of abandoned carts due to unsuccessful transactions or lengthy checkout processes.

Sticky PSPs: Customization for Efficiency

Paytiko’s Sticky PSPs feature allows merchants to assign preferred payment processors and methods to specific clients. This customization enables businesses to select processors based on regional preferences, ensuring faster checkout processes for consumers who are presented with familiar and reliable payment options. This feature enhances client satisfaction and boosts potential business revenue by ensuring smooth and efficient transactions.

User-Friendly Interface: PSP Selection and Fee Calculator

The platform’s new user interface (UI) with PSP Selection offers a user-friendly plug-and-play connectivity interface. Merchants can easily select relevant payment providers to optimize their payment flows, simplifying the integration of multiple providers and allowing for customized payment processes.

The Fee Calculator is another valuable tool that allows businesses to pre-set and validate fees charged by each connected payment provider. This tool can be configured with a few easy clicks, selecting the type of fee, charged amount, timeframe, and creating a fee template that incorporates all relevant fees.

Comprehensive Reporting and Reconciliation

Paytiko provides businesses with efficient ways to review all payment actions and maintain accurate records through comprehensive Reporting and Reconciliation capabilities. The Reconciliation Tool allows merchants to map and reconcile raw data from each payment provider according to relevant parameters with full transparency. This data can be generated from an external back office or received in an Excel sheet.

Expansion to Dubai

Paytiko has taken a significant step in expanding its presence in the Middle East by opening a new office in Dubai. Strategically located at Floor 12-35WF+Q99 – Thuraya Telecommunications Tower, P.O. Box 283333, Next to Byblos Hotel, Al Thanayah – 1, TECOM C – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Barsha Heights, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this office positions Paytiko as a hub for innovation and collaboration in the region.

The Dubai office has been operational for over a year and has recently seen significant growth, including the onboarding of a team of sales and fintech-oriented experts with proven experience in their respective sectors. The client base in the region is growing at a rate of 50% each month, highlighting our capabilities and success in the market.

Paytiko is making waves in the fintech landscape by introducing a range of innovative solutions, including their proprietary technology and user-friendly experience. The team’s deep understanding of the payment environment and global expansion efforts aim to provide core payment technology and systematic transaction routing. Paytiko continuously strive to optimize their services, offering clients the best payment options, transforming the payments technology market, and equipping businesses with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

In recognition of our advancements, Paytiko was awarded the title of “Most Advanced Payment Orchestration Platform Europe 2024,” solidifying our position as a leader in the industry.

To read more about Paytiko, user can go to About Us page


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