Playbux to launch an AI Powered L1 zero-fee gaming blockchain

Singapore, Singapore, July 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Initially established on the BNB Chain, Playbux is expanding to become an AI Powered gas-free L1 to grow its already leading foothold in the gameverse and break through costly transaction fees and lack of product optimization to user preferences. Although it began its journey with the BNB chain with incubation support from Binance Labs, it is now enhancing its platform on the back of successful tests of its AI engine that optimizes user preferences and experiences.

Since its inception, the leading Web3 gaming project, Playbux, has strived to lower the barriers to entry and foster a more active and vibrant community. And the L1 launch will further allow Playbux to compete with the fast and free Web2 space but with the power of its AI engine driving user offerings and experience.

With the new launch, Playbux will be able to offer its users the ability to transact for absolutely free. Besides allowing transactions with zero gas spent, Playbux app-game users will also enjoy speed, making the whole experience more fulfilling. However, most interesting is the PlayBux AI engine which has been under trial on their protocol for the past few months and has shown stellar results with 70K+ new users onboarded and high retention rates.

Equipped with these enhanced capabilities, Playbux aims to advance blockchain gaming. Already, Playbux has created a strong presence in this burgeoning sector with over 640K+ unique users. Moreover, it has achieved over 18.6M transactions. But while Web3 gaming is gaining market traction, Playbux has found gas fees & lack of user optimization to be acting as a limiting factor to the sector’s mainstream adoption. This will also help in fulfilling the “onboarding of the 1,000,000 new users” aim of the project.

Now, Playbux’s new AI powered zero-gas L1 solution will make the on-chain gaming experience cost-efficient and more enriching, catalyzing broader participation.

“This strategic milestone marks the beginning of an exciting journey for us in pioneering efforts in revolutionizing the gaming blockchain space with our upcoming innovative AI powered zero-gas L1 solution,” said Sarun Vichayabhai, CEO of Playbux.

About Playbux

Playbux is building the ultimate Web 3.0 entertainment solution by seamlessly integrating e-commerce, blockchain technology, and virtual communities into its platform. Through a wide array of services, including Shop-to-Earn, Walk-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn, Binance Labs-backed Playbux, which was part of the Visa accelerator program 2023, is dedicated to facilitating user earnings and driving crypto adoption. 

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