Chibi Clash Launches Kingdoms Alliance Competition

Vancouver, Canada, July 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Chibi Clash, a fantasy web3 gaming universe, has unveiled its Kingdoms Alliance Event, running from July 2nd to July 22nd, allowing players to compete for rewards. This event marks a collaborative effort among 21 partner projects within the Chibi Clash ecosystem, including AI Arena, Apeiron, Pixelmon, Pirate Nation, Shrapnel, The Beacon, Xterio, Yield Guild Games (YGG).

The Kingdoms Alliance Event transforms the Chibi Clash Kingdoms map into a dynamic battleground. Participants pledge allegiance to one of the 21 partner projects, forming alliances to engage in a three-week competition across 2,496 strategic land plots. This AI-driven realm evolves with gameplay, where alliances vie for control through exploration and strategic influence. Players receive daily Action Points to explore land plots, with additional points awarded based on NFT holdings and achievements in the game.

“We’re excited to launch the Kingdoms Alliance Event, where collaboration and competition will define the gameplay experience,” said Ted Mui, CEO at Chibi Clash. “This event exemplifies our commitment to fostering community engagement and strategic depth within our game.”

The event features a total prize pool of 5,000,000 $CLASH tokens, distributed to players among the top five alliances and land NFT owners post-TGE (Token Generation Event). Participants holding designated NFT collections from partner projects will earn double Kingdom Points for P2A (play-to-airdrop) challenges during the campaign.

For more details on the Kingdoms Alliance Event, the forthcoming airdrop, and to join the competition, visit the official Chibi Clash Kingdoms page at

About Chibi Clash

At the heart of the Chibi Clash gaming universe lies Chibi Kingdoms, a vast and vibrant on-chain world powered by the latest in generative AI technologies. Kingdoms is a beautiful gaming world with unique and dynamic terrains, buildings, monuments and other features that will serve as the foundation to a meta game with endless possibilities.

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