Athena Ins Introduces Decentralized Insurance for DeFi Risks

PARIS, France, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Athena Ins is transforming the decentralized insurance landscape with its advanced protocol, providing users with the means to insure against decentralized finance (DeFi) risks. This innovative platform allows individuals to subscribe to insurance coverage protecting their DeFi investments from various threats, including hacking, smart contract vulnerabilities, and stablecoin instability.

Unlike traditional insurers, Athena Ins operates through smart contracts, eliminating the need for centralized intermediaries and ensuring transparency and decentralization. Users can easily secure their deposits on DeFi protocols and receive compensation in the event of a covered incident, marking a significant advancement in DeFi safety and maturity.

Key Features of Athena Ins

Several characteristics distinguish Athena Ins in the decentralized insurance market:

Competitive Premiums: Rates are optimized by algorithms to remain affordable.
Investment Freedom: Insurers select their risk pools based on their preferences.
Leverage on Guarantees: Insurers can increase their exposure for the potential of better returns.
Sustainable Yields: Coverage fees are redistributed, and guarantee funds generate interest.

A Strategic Partnership with Angle (Backed by A16Z) to Benefit DeFi

Athena Ins has partnered with Angle, a DeFi protocol funded by A16Z, to enhance investor security. Thanks to this strategic partnership, Angle users can benefit from innovative insurance offered by Athena Ins, providing protection against the risk of depegging of Angle’s native stablecoin, USDA.

ATEN: The Token at the Heart of the Athena Ins Ecosystem with Multiple Benefits

At the center of the Athena Ins ecosystem is ATEN, a versatile native token that plays an essential role in the functioning and evolution of the protocol. Much more than just a cryptocurrency, ATEN gives its holders real decision-making power and significant influence over the platform.

ATEN holders are the main actors in Athena Ins governance. Through a democratic and transparent voting system, they have the power to shape the future of the protocol by actively participating in strategic decisions.

From adjusting technical parameters to allocating reserve funds and major updates, every vote counts in building an ever more efficient decentralized insurance ecosystem tailored to the community’s needs.

A Key Role in the Insurance Coverage Lifecycle

ATEN is essential for creating new insurance contracts on the platform. Furthermore, ATEN holders actively participate in incident management processes. They assess and validate compensation claims, ensuring fair and transparent claim processing.

A Deflationary Economic Model for Sustainable Value

The Athena Ins protocol incorporates an ingenious burning mechanism that regulates the circulating supply of ATEN. During incident settlements,a deductible is collected on each refund to buy tokens and permanently remove them from the market by destroying them, creating deflationary pressure on the overall supply.

This approach aims to support ATEN’s long-term value and align the interests of holders with the platform’s growth and stability.

ATEN’s economic model has been meticulously designed to support sustainable and balanced growth of the Athena Ins ecosystem. A total of 3 billion tokens will be progressively circulated, strategically distributed among various stakeholders.

The team, ecosystem, liquidity, advisors, reward programs, as well as presale and public sale investors, all play a crucial role in the protocol’s development and mass adoption. With transparent and fair tokenomics, Athena Ins lays the foundations for a thriving and sustainable decentralized insurance ecosystem.

Arbitrum Blockchain at the Core of Deployment

Although Athena Ins aspires to adopt a multi-chain approach, the protocol was initially deployed on the Arbitrum blockchain. This initial integration with one of the most mature and developed DeFi ecosystems facilitates the protocol’s adoption and accessibility.

Ethereum users can thus benefit from Athena Ins insurance coverage while keeping their assets on this leading blockchain. Other major blockchains like BNB Chain and Polygon have also been integrated.

Successful Presale and Future Plans

Athena Ins completed a public presale raising $375,000, with a second public token sale planned. While ATEN is not yet listed on any exchange, plans are in place for future listings.


With its intelligent decentralized insurance system and versatile ATEN token, Athena Ins stands out as a key player in DeFi. Its innovative approach promises to make crypto investments safer and democratize access to on-chain insurance products.

About Athena Ins

Athena Ins is a decentralized insurance protocol designed to protect DeFi investments against hacking, stablecoin depegging, and smart contract vulnerabilities. Built on the EVM blockchain, Athena Ins eliminates intermediaries, automating claims management through smart contracts. Athena Ins stands as a comprehensive solution to DeFi security challenges, offering innovative and transparent decentralized insurance. Its dynamic pricing, flexibility for liquidity providers, and robust risk management make it a vital player in the DeFi ecosystem. Join Athena Ins for secure and peace-of-mind investing in the DeFi sector. For more information, user can visit


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