How Crypto PR Distribution Benefits You

If you’re a crypto-focused business looking to promote yourself, chances are that you’ve put out at least a few press releases (or PR as they’re commonly called). It’s also very likely that you’ve come across a few crypto PR distribution services, including ours here at BTCWire. 

Press release distribution services are exactly what the name implies-services that are designed to distribute your press release to a number of relevant publications for a fee. But are these sorts of services right for you? The reality is that there are several benefits of using a crypto PR distribution service, some of which are as follows:

Saving Time 

Let’s face it, promoting a business, especially one in the fast-paced world of crypto, is very time-consuming, and this includes handling your own press releases. Consider this: you’ll need to write the press release, edit it, compile lists of PR platforms and publications, look for the relevant email address or form to submit it through, read through the guidelines to make sure you are adhering to them, submit it, track whether or not the PR has been published on each site, and repeat the process every time there is a new piece of information to report. 

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is! The good news is that a crypto PR distribution service helps to cut down on all of the work. These services already have the contact information of dozens of PR sites and news sites and know how to get a press release featured on them. They also handle all of the backends of submission and publication, freeing up a lot of your time. 

Formatting Your Release 

While there is a ‘standard’ press release format that is the norm within the industry, the requirements for submitting crypto press releases to various sites can be tricky. Some sites require press releases to be submitted via a form and others use email addresses. There are also requirements when it comes to text size, file size, and much more. Not adhering to these rules could see your press release rejected and if it happens too often, could sour your relationship with the site.

Knowing all of these and making sure your press releases are compliant can be cumbersome. That is where crypto PR distribution sites come in as it is their job to stay on top of all of these developments. By working with one, you can be sure that your press releases will be compliant with whatever site you’re trying to get them published on, which increases their success rate. 

Press Release Creation 

There is a certain skill in crafting a press release that communicates its point clearly but also grabs readers’ attention. We have several blog posts on everything from headlines to quotes but some people would rather not be bothered with writing a press release. 

The good news is that many crypto PR distribution sites also offer crypto PR writing services as well. All you would need to do is supply information about the news you want to announce and some details. With this, your crypto press release can be written sometimes in under a day and put in the distribution pipeline. This saves you the time and effort of both creating the press release and distributing it yourself. 

This will also come in handy if you ever find yourself needing to put a release on short notice and do not have the time to write it yourself. Finally, many of the crypto PR distribution services that offer press release creation also offer blog post creation and SEO services. Opting for these could give your business even more reach and save you the time and effort of having separate services being done by several different firms.

Guaranteed Crypto PR Distribution Results 

If you’ve been submitting crypto press releases for a while, you’ll know that publication is often not guaranteed. In many cases, you submit your press release and simply hope that it gets picked up. But if you opt for a crypto PR distribution service, you’re likely to see a higher success rate. 

If you look at our packages here at BTCWire, you’ll notice that several of them come with a guarantee of publication on a number of sites. This is because we have long-running relationships with several of these sites and thus, can guarantee that our clients will be featured there. 

We also have enough experience to know which sites are harder to get published on, how to work around limitations, and much more. It is not impossible to handle your own crypto PR distribution but you will be working with worse odds and fewer guarantees compared to hiring a service. 

Developing Relationships With the Media 

Getting your press release published on certain sites does more than just create awareness of your business. It also helps you develop relationships with these different platforms. Say your business has published several press releases with a certain site and you want to have a profile published there on your CEO.

This pre-existing relationship will give you more of a leg to stand on when approaching such a site. Having your press release featured on certain sites also grants more credibility to your business and makes it easier for you to sell yourself to other publications and the public. 

If long-term visibility and a relationship with the media are part of your plan, you should seek out a crypto PR distribution service. 


Crypro PR distribution goes beyond just having press releases sent out on your behalf. It gives you access to a tried and trusted network of websites that will showcase your business to the world, all while saving you a lot of time and effort. From writing the press releases to getting them seen, a big part of your PR can be outsourced with them. By using these services, you can develop a relationship with publications that matter and position your business for success in the long term.