PowerPool 2.0: Capturing the AI Agents Market

Limassol, Cyprus, July 1st, 2024

PowerPool introduced PowerPool 2.0, an innovative upgrade designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of AI agent operations in the Web3 ecosystem. With the advanced AI technologies of its decentralized network, PowerPool 2.0 offers unprecedented capabilities for automating and optimizing complex processes traditionally requiring human intelligence.

This growth of the AI industry will be driven first by the infrastructure needed for AI training and then by applications like digital advertising, language models, and specialized software and services. With this changing market in mind, PowerPool has developed AI solutions that can adjust to the changes and allow companies to move to the next level without much trouble.

AI Agents on the Market

In the future, AI will need PowerPool 2.0 in a big way. AI agents’ ability to automate complex processes is attracting the attention of developers, who see how this may improve a variety of sectors, including corporate decision-making, content generation, and scientific research like medicine discovery. In particular, Web3 AI agents exhibit the potential for processing data from off-chain and on-chain sources to produce potentially profitable automated trading strategies.

Web3 AI agents show promise in digesting data from both on- and off-chain sources to create automated trading strategies and produce potential profits. Decisions made on-chain by these AI-driven operations become apparent only after the transactions are carried out and appended to the blockchain.

Introducing PowerPool 2.0 for the Better Operations with AI Agents

PowerPool has consistently addressed problems in the Web3 industry by coming up with original ideas, staying conscious of what the community needs, and adapting to meet expectations.

PowerPool has also introduced DeFi indices and meta-governance in 2020. This move created a decentralized network of Keeper executors, allowing to automatically run smart DeFi strategies.

Now, PowerPool focuses on utilization of its infrastructure to power AI Agents protocols operating in Web3. Several networks provide resources for AI model training, including on-chain and off-chain training methods. Executing AI-generated on-chain activities requires running Keeper nodes infrastructure operated by PowerPool . 

PowerPool’s new vision is focused on executing AI agents’ decisions on-chain. PowerPool’s ultimate goal is to function as the “execution hands” for AI-powered transactions. This will be based on triggers produced by AI, allowing for enhanced transaction execution.

AI Agent Operational Cycle: Web2 vs. Web3

Off-chain AI bots are unable to carry out transactions on their own. On-chain transaction execution is necessary for the implementation phase, necessitating a specialized infrastructure of Keeper bots, execution algorithms, RPCs on supported chains, and MEV protection if necessary.

PowerPool’s Value Proposition

Using off-chain triggers enabled by the PowerPool 2.0 network, AI agents may carry out transactions on their behalf by retrieving data and starting jobs. PowerPool integrates off-chain and on-chain activities so AI agents can function easily inside the ecosystem.

Additionally, it provides flexible transaction execution services that use the AI agents’ protocol API and accommodate a range of situations. Its permissionless, decentralized network guarantees stability and independent functioning. The set of Keeper bots are coordinated using PowerPool cryptoeconomic model that contains slashing and tokens staking mechanisms. The application of PowerPool allows AI agent protocols to run their on-chain operations without the necessity to deploy their own infrastructure.

About PowerPool

In 2020, PowerPool was one of the first to introduce functioning DeFi indices and a meta-governance concept. Right now, as an established DePIN layer, PowerPool offers a decentralized network of Keepers/Bots that specialize in executing complex transactions autonomously. This capability makes PowerPool a perfect infrastructure layer for AI agents operating in Web3, which enables them to seamlessly implement on-chain actions based on off-chain and on-chain data analysis. 

With PowerPool, AI agents can use its Transaction Execution as a Service, streamlining the deployment and operation of AI-driven strategies while enhancing reliability and efficiency. This helps PowerPool in advancing the integration of AI technologies within decentralized networks, supporting a new wave of automated and efficient blockchain products. 

To get more information about how PowerPool 2.0 leverages its solutions for AI agents, users can check the following pages:

Website: https://powerpool.click/site 

X: https://powerpool.click/x 

Discord: https://powerpool.click/discord 

Forum: https://powerpool.click/forum 

Telegram: https://powerpool.click/telegram 

Medium: https://powerpool.click/medium 


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