UXLINK Announces SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) Dual Funding Pools

Singapore, Singapore, July 1st, 2024

The world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure, UXLINK’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding, with more than 100 ecosystem partners. UXLINK is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social networking by integrating blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and rewarding environment for its global community.

Introduction of SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) System

Today, UXLINK is excited to officially announce the establishment of the SLP (Social Liquidity Provisioning) system for its community and ecosystem. This innovative system is designed to enhance user growth and foster a more collaborative and potentially profitable environment for all participants.

Key Features of the SLP System:

1. Staking Opportunities for Various Tokens:

Developers and partners can stake pre-TGE tokens, UXLINK tokens, BTC, ETH, and stablecoins into the SLP protocol.
This staking mechanism enables users to potentially benefit directly from the platform’s growth.

2. Adoption of Proof of Stake (POS) Model:

The SLP system will implement a Proof of Stake (POS) model.
This model ensures that benefits are shared among partners and the community, promoting inclusive growth and collaboration.

3. Interest-Bearing and Growth Pools:

The SLP system will support interest-bearing pools for various tokens, aiming to provide a stable return on investment.
Growth pools for pre-TGE tokens will further empower the $UXLINK token, making it the first to incorporate eco-growth in the social infrastructure space.

4. Enhanced Cooperation with Ecosystem Partners:

This initiative forms a crucial part of the UXLINK Social Liquidity Layer.
It establishes a more in-depth cooperation model between ecosystem partners and the UXLINK community, fostering stronger relationships and mutual growth.

5. Mandatory Participation for Ecosystem Partners:

Starting July 1, partners participating in the UXLINK ecosystem are required to hold UXLINK assets.
Partners must commit to their pre-TGE token allocation, reinforcing their commitment to the platform’s growth and stability.

Overview of UXLINK:

UXLINK stands at the forefront of Web3 social platforms and infrastructure, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates social networking with blockchain technology. With over 100 ecosystem partners, UXLINK is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive user engagement and growth. The introduction of the SLP system underscores UXLINK’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic community, enhancing the value of $UXLINK tokens, and setting new standards in the social infrastructure space.


UXLINK is the world’s largest Web3 social platform and infrastructure provider, connecting a wide array of ecosystem partners and users through a seamless and interactive digital experience. By leveraging blockchain technology, UXLINK aims to redefine social networking, ensuring a secure, transparent, and rewarding environment for its global community.

Contact Details:

UXLINK Web: https://www.uxlink.io/

UXLINK Twitter : https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial 

UXLINK Telegram: https://t.me/uxlinkofficial


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