Fhenix Announces Encryption Day Event at EthCC on July 9

Tel Aviv, Israel, June 27th, 2024, Chainwire

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Layer 2 blockchain Fhenix has announced Encryption Day as a side event to EthCC in Brussels. The one-day developer event will take place on July 9 in the Belgian capital and will detail practical ways to utilize ZK, FHE, and MPC in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The second Encryption Day event will unite Ethereum builders interested in developing solutions that deliver robust onchain privacy. More than 1,100 people have already registered for the day-long event, which forms the preeminent gathering for developers interested in encryption and cryptography.

Set to be hosted at Ace Events, Av. d’Auderghem 22 in Brussels, Encryption Day will feature keynotes from a host of leading experts from founders to coders. Speakers confirmed for the event include Justin Drake, ZK Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, as well as Arbitrum Co-Founder Ed Felten. There will also be representatives from Fhenix, Zama, StarkWare, RISC Zero, ZKSync, Gauntlet, and Aztec, among others appearing.

Over the course of the seven hour event attendees will be treated to a variety of talks and panels on encryption in the Ethereum ecosystem, including a talk from the Fhenix team on the topic of Secure and Confidential AI and a panel discussion between representatives of Polygon, ZKSync, and Fhenix on the differences between ZK and FHE technology. Encrypted Mempools will be addressed by the Ethereum Foundation and other keynotes and panels will cover topics such as End-to-End Encrypted Blockchains and Confidential DeFi.

The event will provide insights into the latest innovations in privacy technology and reveal cryptography trends defining the Ethereum landscape. Encryption Day has been designed for developers, cryptography nerds, and anyone with a passion for privacy and blockchain. Places are still available for attendees interested in attending the event.

Encryption Day will operate as a side event to EthCC, the annual Ethereum community conference that runs from July 8-11 in Brussels. It includes conferences, workshops, and panel discussions to disseminate knowledge about blockchain and core Ethereum use cases and innovations.

About Encryption Day

The second Encryption Day event brings together developers and cryptography researchers to exchange knowledge on core privacy technologies being utilized in the Ethereum ecosystem today. Privacy technology will be discussed in detail at the event, illuminating use cases and practical applications for ZK, FHE, and MPC.

Learn more: https://lu.ma/encrypt

About Fhenix

Fhenix is the first Ethereum Layer 2 to enable confidential smart contracts using Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), a novel cryptographic scheme that enables computation of encrypted data. Fhenix is EVM-equivalent, enabling developers to write their smart contracts in Solidity using the developer tools they’re familiar with and selectively encrypt them using FHE.

Fhenix’s goal is to advance Ethereum application development by bringing confidentiality to smart contracts, transactions, and onchain assets for the first time. To learn more, please visit https://www.fhenix.io/


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