Sonic Adds Over 100K Wallets & Processes 17M Transactions Just One Week After Testnet Launch

New York, NY, June 26th, 2024, Chainwire

Sonic, the first gaming L2 infrastructure to launch on Solana, has revealed it accrued more than 100,000 unique wallets and processed over 17 million transactions within one week of launching its Sonic Testnet Odyssey.

The impressive milestone underscores both the huge demand and potential of the Sonic protocol, which is the first atomic SVM Layer-2 built specifically for gaming on the Solana blockchain. The protocol offers numerous built-in mechanisms to support game development and execution on Solana, including customizable gaming primitives, a sandbox environment and extensible data types, while leveraging the blazing-fast speed of Solana to deliver the fastest on-chain video game experiences. 

Just 36 hours into the Sonic Testnet Odyssey, the protocol revealed on X it had already racked up more than 45,000 wallets and 3.2 million transactions, and the latest milestone suggests accelerated adoption of its L2 infrastructure. 

A major portion of the transactions comes from users interacting with games built on Sonic – they have integrated with the Odyssey campaign, rewarding users who make a transaction within the games. These games include titles such as Jogojogo, Fomoney, Rage Effect, and Lowlife Forms

Solana is the most retail-friendly blockchain network today thanks to a combination of easy onboarding and strong incentives derived from its memecoin boom. However, gaming on Solana has not seen the same level of success as other segments in the crypto industry, such as DeFi, NFTs and SocialFi, which is why the Sonic protocol holds so much promise. Using Sonic, developers have a way to quickly deploy their own, lightning-fast SBM chain to support GameFi projects and initiatives, as well as other projects seeking a home on Solana. 

Built by Mirror World Labs, a two-year old GameFi infrastructure company, Sonic has already announced growth initiatives such as ecosystem grants and accelerator programs that help to onboard developers quickly onto the Sonic SVM and the HyperGrid Framework. HyperGrid enables developers to simplify the deployment of game engines and virtual machines on Solana, acting as a grid deployment kit for quickly spinning up new SVM environments to support new games. 

The latest milestone follows Sonic’s $12 million Series A round led by BITKRAFT and joined by Galaxy Interactive, Big Brain Holdings and other investors earlier this month. 

Sonic recently carried out its first major upgrade of the Sonic Testnet Odyssey, boosting its speed and stability in order to cater for the high-demand it has seen. It has already seen numerous successful game deployments, such as Snake Lite, the Telegram-based tap-to-earn game, which went live earlier this week. 

Meanwhile, Sonic’s team has a busy summer ahead, partnering with RateX to host the Solana Kick Off: Shenzhen event and participating in the Kyoto Web3 Gaming Summer event during #IVS2024 next month.

About Sonic

Sonic is the first atomic SVM L2 built to enable sovereign game economies that finalize on Solana. It is powered by HyperGrid, a core technology developed by Mirror World to enable Solana grids, enables developers to deploy custom Sonic Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) chains that offer tremendous scaling advantages for developers.


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