Bring, The First White-label Crypto Cashback Provider, Expands Funding To $1.1 Million

Petah Tikva, Israel, June 20th, 2024, Chainwire

Bring web3, a pioneering player in the cryptocurrency space, is thrilled to announce the successful expansion of its funding to further develop its platform and to boost its increasing cycle of strategic partners.

Bring, the first white-label crypto cashback provider today announced completion of a 1.1 million dollar SAFE round. This major milestone will solidify Bring’s commitment to innovation and its mission to revolutionize the crypto cashback ecosystem.

Bring’s innovative platform pays cashback when purchasing fashion, electronics, health and beauty, travel services, and much more from 450 retailers. Web3 wallets and exchanges integrate Bring’s white-label solution to offer their users a frictionless and intuitive cashback experience.

The platform offers a range of search options while showcasing top brands. Via Bring’s expertly designed search engine, users find the products, brands and services they love. Users can search for “laptops” or “shoes”, or for preferred brands like Apple or Nike, and then select from a curated list of stores providing crypto cashback on their desired items.

Users enjoy a seamless e-commerce experience, using their preferred payment methods to purchase in fiat. After completing a purchase, they receive their earned crypto directly into their web3 wallet or exchange, making the process both convenient and rewarding.

“We are excited to welcome our new partners. We are humbled by the desire of prominent figures to join our journey and are grateful for the continued support of our existing investors”, said Bring’s CEO, Meir (Iri) Zohar.                                                                        

A key partner is Starkware, a leading player in the blockchain industry. The investment is part of a strategic partnership aimed at integrating crypto cashback into the Starknet ecosystem, driving greater utility and accessibility for users worldwide.

“As a strategic partner, Starkware’s collaboration with Bring represents a significant breakthrough by integrating crypto cashback into the Starknet ecosystem. We’re thrilled to be part of this innovative venture and look forward to the impact it will have on the crypto landscape,” said Starkware’s CEO, Eli Ben-Sasson.

Another strategic partner is Uri Segal, Co-founder and CEO at QualityScore, a global performance-based digital marketing agency that specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

“Proud to be a strategic partner in the success of Bring’s latest funding round, looking forward to working with the team to benefit QualityScore’s clients”, said QualityScore’s Co-founder and CEO, Uri Segal.

Bring is also welcoming 12A, an early-stage venture capital firm founded by the KamaTech team and prominent figures in the Israeli high-tech industry. Team-X, an Angel Syndicate led by Ariel Finkelstein, and several prominent angel investors.

These esteemed investors and organizations join V3ntures, Bring’s first investor and a major player in the blockchain space led by Michal Amar and Nathennel Elchaim.

Meir (Iri) Zohar summarized “With this infusion of capital and the collaboration of our partners, Bring is well-positioned to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation, accelerate its growth, and drive meaningful impact in the crypto landscape.”

About Bring

Bring is the creator of the world’s first white-label crypto cashback service for web3 wallets and exchanges. By partnering with Bring, wallets and exchanges offer their users to earn a variety of cryptocurrencies, in the form of cashback, from 450 retailers in fashion, electronics, jewelry, travel, software, home decor, beauty, and more.

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About Starkware

StarkWare Industries is an Israeli software company specializing in cryptography. It is at the forefront of zero-knowledge-proof technology development, aimed at addressing the scalability challenges of blockchain. StarkWare focuses on building a new blockchain platform, following the successful launch of their STRK token.                                                                                     

Users can learn more about Starkware by visiting StarkWare’s Official Website | Twitter | Linkedin

Starkware: [email protected]


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