LABEL Foundation Rebrands into LABEL AI: Shaping the Future of Music with AI and Blockchain Innovation

British Virgin Islands, June 18, 2024

In a bold move poised to redefine the music and sound industry landscape, LABEL Foundation proudly announces its evolution and rebranding into LABEL AI. This transformation signifies a groundbreaking shift towards harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionize music and sound creation, distribution, and consumption.

Unveiling a New Era of Innovation

As LABEL AI emerges from the cocoon of LABEL Foundation, it brings with it a renewed commitment to innovation and progress. With a visionary focus on pioneering the intersection of AI and blockchain, LABEL AI is set to disrupt the status quo and chart a new course for the music industry.

At the heart of LABEL AI’s mission lies a dedication to empowering creators and artists. Through the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies, users gain access to a dynamic platform that transcends traditional boundaries. From music composition to voice content creation, LABEL AI offers a playground for imagination and creativity.

Central to LABEL AI‘s ethos is the establishment of a decentralized music ecosystem, fueled by blockchain innovation. Through this groundbreaking approach, users are not just participants but stakeholders in the evolution of the platform. With ownership comes empowerment, as users contribute to and benefit from the collective growth of the LABEL AI community.

Prior to its rebranding, LABEL Foundation laid the groundwork for its pioneering ventures into the AI sector. The company’s commitment to innovation was evident through strategic collaborations and groundbreaking initiatives. Joining the esteemed NVIDIA Inception Program served as a testament to LABEL Foundation’s dedication to harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies. Moreover, the official partnership with Alibaba Cloud underscored LABEL Foundation’s global reach and ambition.

Looking ahead, LABEL AI is poised to revolutionize the music industry landscape with a series of groundbreaking initiatives. From the launch of SignAiL AOS, an AI Sound Social Network, to the introduction of Sonic AI for AI-generated music, LABEL AI is at the forefront of shaping the future of music in the Web3 space.



LABEL AI is a visionary leader in the music industry, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionize music creation, distribution, and consumption. With a focus on empowerment and innovation, LABEL AI is shaping the future of music in the Web3 space. For more information, visit