How to Upgrade Your Crypto Press Release With Quotes

There are a few things that are considered core parts of a crypto press release. You have the heading, the opening paragraph with the core information, details about the announcement, an about section, media links, and, sometimes, a quote. 

It is far from unusual to see a crypto press release feature a quote from someone associated with the development or organization and these can be very helpful. A direct quote can make a press release much more engaging to read and depending on what it says, can become widely reported on. 

How many times have we seen a headline that references a controversial or notable quote from an executive? Some of these quotes are straight out of press releases and help drum up more publicity for the businesses attached to them.

So while they are not compulsory, quotes in your crypto press release can take them to the next level and should be included as much as possible. If you choose to leverage them, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Tease It In the Crypto Press Release Headline 

As we’ve said in our article on crafting crypto press release headlines, you want to grab as much attention as possible and get people to read the rest of your release. One way you can do this is by teasing a quote that is included in the body of the text. 

Say an executive from the company being reported on has said that its new product will cut down Bitcoin mining costs by 50%. This already gives you a valuable and intriguing quote that can be teased in the headline. ‘CEO of X announces crypto mining costs to be cut in half with new miners’, is a press release title that is bound to have people clicking to read the rest of the quote and thus, the rest of the press release. 

As much as possible, try to incorporate your quotes in the title of the press release to get more attention. 


Keep It at an Appropriate Lenght 

Quotes can vary in length but not all lengths are appropriate for a crypto press release. A quote that is only a few words rarely adds any value to the release and might look awkward on the page. At the same time, a quote that is too long will create a huge wall of text that some readers might choose to skip over. 

When requesting quotes for a crypto press release, specify a minimum number of words if you can. If the person being quoted sends too much text, you can edit it to a shorter length but it is trickier to add more words to a quote. 

Ideally, the final version of the quote should be a mid-length paragraph that can be read in one go while not being too long. Before you submit your press release through distribution platforms like BTCWire, scan the page to make sure that the quote isn’t too long or short. 

Keep it Quotable 

This goes without saying but a quote is not necessarily eye-catching or interesting just because it is a quote. Within the text of a crypto press release, a quote can be a good way to break up paragraphs of information but they need to be engaging to do this effectively. 

Ideally, you want the quote to say something that the other paragraphs do not. If the crypto press release is announcing a partnership between two companies, the quote should do more than just repeat the same information. An executive from each company can talk about how grateful they are for the partnership and the reasons why the two are a good fit for each other. 

If the companies previously had a history, this could be mentioned. When a person is reading a quote within a crypto press release, they are likely imagining a person saying those things to them as opposed to the way they would read a press release. The language used should be ‘human’ and the information being said should be as engaging as it is relevant. 

Always ask yourself if a news story can be built around the quote and if not, consider reworking it. At the same time, keep the quotes professional and do not chase controversy for the sake of it. 



Be Mindful of Your Placement 

Your typical press release can be divided into different sections and paragraphs. Each of these serves a unique function and should follow each other in a logical order. This includes the quotes you choose to include. 

For example, your press release should not begin with a quote before you have made the major announcement and given enough context about why the reader should care about the quote. Ideally, the quote should come after at least two previous paragraphs establishing context so it has something to build off of. 

If the press release has two or three paragraphs discussing a new line of crypto miners, a quote can follow such as “Speaking on the new line, CEO John Doe says,…”. You should also make sure to give context to your speaker, explaining who they are in relation to the announcement and why their quote is valuable. 

You should also be cautious about placing the press release too far down in the press release. If the quote is placed in between other paragraphs which give information about the announcement, there is an incentive for the reader to continue. If the quote is placed at the very end of the release, the reader might have gotten all the information they need and might not bother reading it. 


Quotes can be a way to add more depth and context to your press release, as well as get more attention from your target audience. If you choose to include quotes, you might want to keep the above tips in mind. From appropriate length to placement to making sure the quote is relevant, these will guide you in your crypto press release creation.