ReneVerse Unites with JetSynthesys to Reach 15M+ Monthly Players with Next-Gen In-Game Ads

Singapore, Singapore, June 14th, 2024, Chainwire

JetSynthesys is a new-age digital entertainment and technology company out of India with leading products & services in the gaming & esports, digital entertainment, and wellness & lifestyle sectors.
Through this collaboration, ReneVerse and JetSynthesys aim to deliver tailored, non-intrusive, in-game advertising within the playable environment of Nautilus’ Real Cricket to optimize monetization strategies and deliver superior advertising to tens of millions of gamers.

ReneVerse, a Web3-enabled, immersive in-game product placement & advertising solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with JetSynthesys, an Indian digital entertainment and technology company. The partnership sees Jetsynthesys integrating ReneVerse’s pioneering immersive in-game ‘Borderless Ads’ solution into Nautilus’ Real Cricket , the world’s largest mobile cricket game franchise with over 15 million monthly active users. ReneVerse will collaborate closely with JetSynthesys to further develop offerings that appeal to brands and other advertisers keen on reaching the Real Cricket audience and player base.

Primarily a monetization & advertising solution designed for games, ReneVerse’s Borderless Ads is a user-friendly suite of tools for advertisers and game developers to drag-and-drop immersive in-game ads and bespoke, brand-curated product placements known as Branded Assets into the playable environments of games. Enhanced with various Web3 features like on-chain ad performance tracking, Borderless Ads remains fully compatible with traditional Web2 games offering in-game ads that are non-intrusive and coupled with Web3 rewards.

“It’s a pleasure for us to support and provide our in-game branding solutions to JetSynthesys,” said Anik Dang, CEO and Co-Founder of ReneVerse. “For us, the strategic integration of Borderless Ads into Real Cricket is ReneVerse’s first foray into India’s incredibly vibrant gaming landscape as well as into a non-blockchain gaming ecosystem. In this regard, the partnership with JetSynthesys is even more impactful, as it demonstrates how easily our solution can be understood and applied to gaming audiences that don’t have previous blockchain-related experience. It’s also our genuine pleasure to introduce Web3-powered reward mechanisms through Borderless Ads to Real Cricket players, and bring decentralized gaming technologies further into the mainstream gaming industry.” 

“The partnership with ReneVerse marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the gaming advertising landscape. By leveraging ReneVerse’s innovative in-game branding & product placement platform, we aim to deliver unparalleled advertising experiences within Real Cricket, driving revenue growth, and enhancing user engagement. Advertising is one of the most crucial revenue streams for Real Cricket, and this collaboration will help us take it up a notch. It represents a strategic alignment of our shared vision to innovate and revolutionize in-game advertising, providing advertisers with impactful solutions and enhancing the gaming experience for users.” – Rajan Navani, CEO and Founder of JetSynthesys

Nautilus’ Real Cricket 24 is the tip of the iceberg for this partnership, as both ReneVerse and JetSynthesys have openly shared their mutual commitment to exploring other technical and collaboration opportunities that align with their shared vision. Interested readers are encouraged to sign up to ReneVerse’s platform to explore its growing game collection and advertiser network, and to participate in its ongoing player rewards programs.

About JetSynthesys

JetSynthesys is a new-age digital entertainment and technology company with a global foray into three key ecosystems: (a) gaming and esports, (b) digital entertainment, and (c) wellness and livelihoods. With millions of consumers across 180 countries, JetSynthesys builds world-class products, platforms, and services in these three verticals, aiming to touch the lives of billions of consumers. Since its launch in 2014, under the leadership of Rajan Navani (Chairman and Managing Director), JetSynthesys has built a powerful ecosystem of technology, talent, content, and distribution stacks, and is committed to delivering delightful moments to all stakeholders across multiple digital worlds, aptly titled the #Jetverse. 

JetSynthesys is part of the diversified JetLine Group of Companies, the roots of which originated in the 1930s in Bangkok, Thailand with a presence in India since 1974. Established by the Late Kishinchand Navani in 1937, the growth in Thailand and Southeast Asia over several decades has resulted in large-scale manufacturing industries in textiles, packaging, electronics, and real estate development amongst others.

About ReneVerse: 

ReneVerse is a Web3-enabled, immersive in-game marketing solution that enables non-intrusive, in-game advertising as well as industry-first, brand-curated product placements that blend seamlessly into the playable environments of games, at scale. With over 20+ partnered games and brands, ReneVerse can reach millions of gamers with its next-gen ad-viewing experience, achieving greater campaign performance for brands, unlocking enhanced ad monetization opportunities for games, and offering players a non-invasive in-game ad experience coupled with Web3 rewards.

The project is led by Co-Founder and CEO Anik Dang, a long-time veteran within the blockchain gaming industry, having previously co-founded and exited, an eSports tournament platform that amassed over 300K+ monthly active users. With a team of 20 full-time members hailing from around the globe, graduating from world-class institutions including the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics, and Boston University, and comprising over 15+ years of experience in Web3, gaming, and related industries, ReneVerse is poised to innovate the in-game advertising industry as no one has before.

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