The World’s First Crypto Space Bank will be established by IKAR Holdings and Unify Platform AG

London, UK, June 12th, 2024, Chainwire

British IKAR Holdings and Swiss – Japanese Unify Platform AG announced today at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, the establishment of the world’s first Crypto Space Bank!

Under the brand “Crypto Space Bank” both partners have initiated a groundbreaking project that redefines how cryptocurrencies are stored and transacted beyond Earth. By deploying a compact cube satellite, they are introducing a revolutionary banking service that houses cryptocurrencies in the cosmic realm.

The innovation heralded by the “Crypto Space Bank” transcends conventional financial paradigms, merging digital assets with the vast expanse of outer space. This groundbreaking initiative promises a fusion of technological prowess and financial security like never before witnessed.

At the heart of this visionary project is a commitment to redefining the storage, transaction, and security of cryptocurrencies. The “Crypto Space Bank” not only provides a secure haven for digital currencies but also offers seamless and borderless crypto financial services.

By harnessing the boundless capabilities of space technology, the “Crypto Space Bank” sets a new standard in safeguarding and facilitating cryptocurrency operations on a global scale.

Orkun Ibak, CEO of IKAR Crypto Ventures, stated, “The Crypto Space Bank will ensure the strongest level of data protection for its clients. Given the fact that it cannot be accessed physically, our bank will be protected against any potential sophisticated attacks that are becoming relevant, especially in the blockchain and Web3 space. Through our blockchain node in space, which is off the terrestrial infrastructure, we will create an air gap for any unauthorized access. With the Crypto Space Bank, we are forging a path that not only ensures financial security but also pushes the boundaries of technological innovation, reshaping the future of cryptocurrency storage and transactions on a global scale”.

“We are extremely honored to be part of this amazing initiative and partnership. Our UPT token will be the first listed token at the ‘Crypto Space Bank,’ as we want to ensure the best and most protected services for our clients,” said Dr. Takahisa Karita, , Co-Founder and CFO of Unify Platform AG.

“The establishment of the world’s first ‘Crypto Space Bank’ aligns with our global strategy within the crypto world. Recently, we purchased a significant amount of UPT token, a versatile cryptocurrency designed to enhance user engagement with decentralized platforms. Additionally, we announced the establishment of the world’s first ‘Bitcoin Hotels,’ where we aim to revolutionize the global hospitality industry by introducing the first hotel chain where guests can seamlessly pay for accommodations using cryptocurrency alongside ordinary currencies,” stated Mario Diel, Group Chairman and CEO, and Diplomat Sertan Ayçiçek, Group President of IKAR Holdings

About IKAR Holdings:

IKAR Holdings is a leading entrepreneurial group of companies based in the UK, active across various sectors, ranging from education, technology, energy, health, sports, real estate, hospitality, aviation, to construction and services. The group has a current portfolio of more than 40 companies. With a focus on long-term growth and innovation, IKAR Holdings is committed to driving value and fostering sustainable development.

About Unify Platform Token (UPT)

Unify Platform Token (UPT) is a versatile cryptocurrency designed to enhance user engagement with decentralized platforms. UPT offers a wide range of applications and benefits, making it a valuable asset in the evolving digital economy.


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