How to Craft a Winning Crypto Press Release Headline

We live in a world of headlines. From articles to YouTube videos, so much content is put out each day and all try to grab our attention. While crypto press releases are not the same type of content as a YouTube video or even an article, they are not exempt from it.

Consider this: outside of passing along information, you want your crypto press release to get attention. You want journalists to write articles about it and readers to come across those articles. But if you’re competing with all the other crypto press releases published on any given day, you’re going to have to stand out. The reality is that many people do not even read beyond headlines and for any journalist or casual reader, the headline will likely be what draws them in. 

Now that you know how important it is to have a great headline for your crypto press release, it’s time to look at the fundamentals of writing one. While it might seem complicated, there are several tips for tastefully writing a crypto press release that captures attention without devolving into clickbait or false advertising: 


If you’re trying to get your crypto press release to stand out among others, you should try to namedrop within reason. Namedropping in this sense means putting the name of a notable company, person or concept within the title of the release to both draw attention and give it credibility. An example of this would be, “Binance-backed Project X Raises $1 Million in Series B Funding”. This headline has the name of a prominent exchange in the title and this makes it stand out, especially if the ‘Project X’ in question is not as well-known.

If the announcement being made has a legitimate connection to a notable company, person or concept, it should be added. At the same time, this should be done within reason. You don’t want to namedrop so much that the main project does not get any attention or the release comes off as tasteless. 

Short and Simple Crypto Press Release Titles

Another thing to keep in mind when creating a crypto press release headline is to keep it at an appropriate length. While you want to convey all of the necessary information, you don’t want it to be so long that readers get turned off by it. 

You also want to keep publications and platforms that it will appear on in mind. If you’ve looked through the news section of search engines or even the homepage of a news site, you’ll see that titles are cut off after a certain number of characters. For Google, titles should be about 60 characters so that they can fit into the search results. 

As a rule of thumb, make sure the first 7-10 words in the title are catchy enough that readers will want to see the rest of it based on them. 



Offer a Number

Numbers, especially stats, have a way of conveying the importance of a development in a truly unique way and this should be used when crafting a crypto press release. For example, if a firm has raised a certain amount of money, the actual figure should be added to the headline. This also applies if a company is reporting certain amounts of profit, making a donation, or any other development that has to do with money. 

You should also try to include percentages when possible. Let’s say a mining hardware provider has launched a new product that is an improvement on the previous one. 

“Project X Cuts Bitcoin Mining Time by 50% With New Miner” would be a much better headline than “Project X to Launch New Miner With Increased Speed”. The former will catch readers’ eyes and make them more excited to read the rest of the press release. 

Cover the Essentials 

As we have said before, many people these days do not read past the headlines. This means that everyday consumers are barely looking past the headlines and journalists are skimming to decide which are worth looking into. While this can be discouraging, it does mean that you have to approach every crypto press release headline with intention. 

More specifically, you have to craft the headline with the understanding that 9 out of 10 people will read only it. All the most important details of the crypto press release must be put in the headline. These include the name of the company, what the news is, and where and when it is happening e.g. ‘Exchange X to Launch Dogecoin/BTC Trading Pairs on June 1’.

If a reader or a journalist reads only this headline, they have gotten the important gist of the press release and this is what you should aim for every time.



Avoid Sensationalism 

As much as you want your crypto press release headline to grab attention, you do not want to make your business look unprofessional while doing so. This is why you need to avoid sensationalism wherever you can. Namedrop if relevant but don’t exaggerate your connection to a notable person or business as this can come off as insincere. Use numbers but do not inflate them as this can backfire. 

Cover the essentials but don’t stuff the title with keywords lest it be removed by search engines. Try to create a sense of urgency but don’t devolve into clickbait. At the end of the day, you want your business to be taken seriously by the media and the public so keeping things appropriate at all points is key. 


Your crypto press release’s headline is the way it announces itself to the world and should not be taken lightly. Even the best press release can fall by the wayside if its headline is not drawing in eyeballs and can go unnoticed. Follow the above tips to get your crypto press release headline the attention it deserves from the media and the general public while still remaining professional and high-quality.