Why Your Crypto Press Release Needs Images

When many of us think of the components of a traditional press release, the usual things come up; a date, headline, necessary details of the announcement, media links, and quotes if needed. What might not be part of a ‘traditional’ press release is an image. 

In fact, depending on who you ask, images may or may not be appropriate for a press release. But a crypto press release, as we all know is not always your typical PR document. Operating in an innovative industry means that even your professional documents can break the rules. 

While guidelines of specific platforms should be adhered to, here are a few reasons why your press release could do with some images:

A Thousand Words

The classic saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds true, even for a crypto press release. Whatever message you are trying to send across can be condensed and reinforced with a picture. Say the crypto press release is talking about a new token being launched in the market or a new exchange. 

A visual representation of said token or exchange communicates a similar message but in a more digestible way. This is doubly so if the image is eye-catching, features your company logo, and has an interesting tagline. As such, any crypto press release can pass along a more succinct and digestible message with an image attached. 

Easy Sharability 

The reason why press releases are created is to be widely circulated and get the attention of consumers and the media. While there are many ways to ensure that a crypto press release is seen, including our many distribution packages here at BTCWire, images can also help with this. 

The first reason is that images are easier to share these days than text. A 500 to 1,000-word crypto press release might be hard to share on social media but a single image that encapsulates the message of the release can be shared easily. Another reason, which we will expand on, is that images are more favoured these days by consumers. 

As such, including one in your crypto press release means it is more likely to be shared and thus, your message more likely to be seen.

Grabbing Attention

As we’ve said before, readers’ attention spans have been declining for years now and the rise of social media means that many of us prefer to see our news than to read it. The average person, a member of a media team or not, is more likely to stop and pay attention to a crypto press release with an image than one without one. 

In fact, the image might be the only thing that a person takes away from viewing a press release but if it is done well enough, it might just be all that you need. Keep in mind that hundreds of crypto press releases go out every other day and if you want yours to stand out, an image might just be what you need. 

Content Cohesion

In a previous article, we talked about how a single crypto press release can be turned into many different pieces of content, including social media posts. By having an image to go along with your press release, you can make sure that these different pieces of content are cohesive. 

The same image, if done well enough, can be used in your crypto press release, on your social media, on physical marketing materials, and so on. This unifies your message and marketing efforts, which can only help your project. 

Crypto Press Release Image Best Practices

We’ve established that using images in press releases can be very beneficial but it is still important to employ best practices to get the best results. Keep the following in mind when attaching images to your crypto press release:

Follow the Rules

When submitting your crypto press release to specific sites, make sure to confirm what their rules are regarding images. Some sites do not accept images or are strict about sizing, content, and so on. When in doubt, feel free to ask questions. 

At BTCWire, for example, we offer support for all clients regarding the use of images if needed. The last thing you’ll want is for your crypto press release to be rejected or delayed because you did not follow all the rules to a T. 

Appropriate Sizing and Licensing 

When choosing an image to use for your crypto press release, you need to make sure it is an appropriate size. If it is too small, readers might have to squint to see it and might not even bother with it. If it is too large, it will crowd the page and make it hard for readers to see the text within the press release. Ideally, your image should not take up too much of the page but should still be readable. 

Also, if you are using stock footage or any image that wasn’t created in-house, make sure it is licensed for commercial use. The last thing you want is your press release being taken down because of copyright violations. 

Get the Message Across 

The point of an image in your crypto press release is to reinforce whatever message you’re trying to send and there are many ways to ensure this. You can have your company logo featured so it will always be tied to you. You can feature an image of the product or platform being launched. You can add an infographic to drive home your point. 

The image should illustrate whatever you’re trying to tell the reader so that even if it is shared with no other context, they get an idea of the message.


Looking to take your crypto press release to the next level? Consider adding an image! The right image can make your press release more interesting to look at, more sharable, and can help to synch your PR and marketing efforts. Follow our helpful guide to get the most out of your crypto press releases while using images.