CV Pad Launches Taiko Early Birds Pool

Zug, Switzerland, May 31st, 2024

CV Pad is announcing an exclusive pool for early backers: Taiko, the latest in Ethereum scaling solutions. This event marks a significant milestone for CV Pad as the first launch on the CV Pad platform. CV Pad’s early birds pool will feature a total allocation of 30,000 $TAIKO tokens, with exclusive benefits for early participants.

The sale on CV Pad is designed to provide an inclusive opportunity for participants to invest in Taiko’s future. By participating in this exclusive pool, investors can gain early access to $TAIKO tokens at a discounted price and benefit from the project’s potential growth. This offering not only promises attractive returns but also offers a chance to be part of a pioneering initiative in the blockchain space.

About Taiko

Taiko is a pioneering Ethereum Layer 2 project, taking ZK technology to the masses. It leverages advanced based-contestable and based-booter roll-up technology to scale Ethereum by making transactions cheaper. The project is spearheaded by a team of industry veterans who have previously developed Loopring, Ethereum’s First zkRollup Layer 2.

Taiko’s mission is to create a blockchain ecosystem that is both accessible and efficient for users worldwide. The project’s innovative approach addresses several key challenges in the current blockchain landscape, such as high transaction fees and slow processing times. By offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution, Taiko aims to drive the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Unique Technology

At the core of Taiko’s offering is its unique technology, featuring the Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) architecture and Based Booster Rollup (BBR) vision. These innovations ensure faster transactions, reduced costs, and enhanced scalability. Taiko’s permissionless, decentralized design uses Ethereum validators for transaction sequencing, providing a seamless developer experience and “Ethereum at scale.” 

The highly configurable system supports multiple proof types, including ZK-EVM and SGX, ensuring robust security and flexibility to adopt new validity proofs without protocol changes. Taiko’s multi-proof system integrates diverse cryptographic techniques, enhancing security by reducing the risk of bugs in any single system. Guardian provers add a safety layer, addressing initial deployment bugs. This comprehensive approach ensures Taiko’s blockchain solution is scalable, sustainable, and secure, capable of supporting a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps)

The Taiko team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Distributed Ledger Technology. Having successfully developed Loopring, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Taiko, ensuring the project’s success and reliability. Their proven track record in creating scalable and secure blockchain solutions sets Taiko apart in the competitive DeFi landscape.

Led by industry leaders, the Taiko team is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology and scaling solutions. Their deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities enables them to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of users and businesses alike. Every aspect of Taiko’s development reflects the team’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

CV Pad Taiko Pool Information

The Early Birds Pool on CV Pad is designed to provide an inclusive opportunity for participants to invest in Taiko’s future. Here are the key details:

Total Allocation: 30,000 TAIKO
Contribution Price: 1 TAIKO Token = 1.5 USDT (25% discount to public rounds)
Lockup Terms: 33% of tokens unlocked at TGE, with the remaining tokens vested linearly over the next two months
Total Number of Winners: 180

Contribution Timeline:

Announcement and Whitelist End: May 30, 2024, 4:15PM CET
Contribution Period: May 31, 2024, 4:15PM CET – June 4, 2024, 4:15PM CET

Additional Whitelist Details:

Participants whitelisted before the project announcement are eligible for bonus tokens.
Participants whitelisted after the project announcement can participate as normal but are not eligible for the bonus tokens.

Participants contributing $250 USDT will enter a lucky draw for a TAIKO allocation. 30 lucky CV Pad whitelisted participants will win an additional 50 TAIKO tokens allocation. Allocations will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

About CV Pad

CV Pad is a leading launchpad for innovative blockchain projects. It provides a secure and efficient platform for projects to conduct their Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), ensuring transparency and fairness for all participants. With a robust vetting process and a dedicated community of investors, CV Pad is committed to supporting the next generation of blockchain innovations.

For more information about the Taiko Early Birds Pool and how to participate, users can visit CV Pad’s X/Twitter and join the whitelist for access to the first 3 projects launching on CV Pad.


Florian Kohler
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