HOGE is Officially BASE(D)

Global, United States, May 27th, 2024, Chainwire

Hoge Finance, the pioneering meme token, is excited to announce its official bridging to the Base Network. For those tired of rug pulls, quick pump-and-dump schemes, and superficial communities, Hoge offers a refreshing alternative. Backed by an immutable value-creating smart contract and supported by a time-tested, dedicated community, Hoge stands as one of the rarest tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

Launched on Ethereum in February 2021, Hoge was the original deflationary, auto-rewarding token. Over the past three years, it has built a robust Defi ecosystem, inspiring creators and fostering a unique brand culture. Most tokens today barely last a day; some don’t even make it an hour. Last week alone, over 30,000 brand-new tokens were launched on Solana. Real communities are built over years sharing in the failures and successes. Hoge has thrived through community-driven efforts, supported by a DAO-governed wallet with over $400,000 in funds. This wallet enables the community to vote on and fund new ideas, ensuring that Hoge continues to innovate and grow.

HOGE is Scarce

Hoge employs a 2% transaction tax that redistributes tokens to all holders, including a burn wallet that has accumulated over 60% of the total tokens. This deflationary model means every day a user wakes up to more Hoge in their wallet, and simultaneously, there are fewer Hoge tokens in existence. These tokenomics get supercharged by volume. There’s currently less than 39% of Hoge left. The smart contract is unchangeable and will exist as long as Ethereum does.

Users can check out Hoge on Coin Market Cap, which has over 68,000 holders, with 98.5% holding less than $1,000 worth of Hoge. Remarkably, 97% of all wallets have not moved their Hoge in over a year. Being a three-year-old meme token, many of these wallets are dead or lost, but they’re still collecting more Hoge every day, adding forever value to the community. Users can review Hoge’s all-in-one dashboard at Hoge.Report to dive deep into the Hoge token statistics.

Innovative DeFi Products

Hoge’s community has developed various DeFi products, enhancing its ecosystem:

GroupLP: This product gamifies liquidity provision by spreading a token’s liquidity pool across multiple wallets, making it resistant to rug pulls. It offers yields ranging from 4% to 260%. Bringing this product to Base, with its low gas fees, means more participation with smaller amounts.
BonusSwap: This community-funded tax rebate program gives an extra 4.5% Hoge to cover buy and future sell taxes, incentivizing participation. Any community member can keep this bonus funded, turning one million donated tokens into 22 million incentivized tokens. It’s currently stocked with over 10 billion Hoge.
OptiBuys: This innovation gamifies long-term holding, with tokens locked in an OptiVault until a set date. Early withdrawals incur penalties, rewarding those who hold.

Further explore Hoge’s products at OptiSwap.pro.

Embracing AI and Web3 Gaming

Hoge is at the forefront of the AI and Web3 gaming narratives with the upcoming launches of HogeAI and OptiGames. HogeAI, a custom-built text-to-image generator, enhances storytelling and gives each holder the tools to express themselves. Hoge content creation is now limitless. OptiGames integrates ERC20 tokens into provably fair arcade gameplay. Game creators can seamlessly integrate their game on the OptiGames platform and monetize the results for players. The flagship game, Bulldog Blast, will allow players to compete against each other in a turn based multiplayer death match for Hoge tokens. Or you can simply play a stranger in rock paper scissors for your favorite ERC20 token.

Community Engagement and Information Sources

Users can stay updated on Hoge news and updates by visiting Hoge.gg and following @HogeFinance on X. Users can join every Friday for the Weekly Wrap-Up Report, where the week’s crypto news and Hoge updates are discussed. The official contract address can be found on Hoge.gg, as there are many scam copies out there. DeFi is a fun new world, and Hoge gives creators a place to create. For further information, users can join the Telegram group or ask on any platform, and the community will provide answers.


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