Memereum Launches MemeSwap BETA Supporting FLOKI, SHIB, and DOGE

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Memereum is a revolutionary platform that offers insurance services to protect the user’s digital assets. It pioneers the Web3 landscape by providing robust security measures, safeguarding the digital coins against potential loss of value or ruggedness. MemeSwap is a part of Memereum’s ecosystem, a DEX exchange offering insurance for all the approved coins.

Memereum’s extensive suite of products and its community-focused strategy have established it as a frontrunner in the crypto industry. The project provides a wide array of financial solutions for investors, offering both stability and growth

Memereum’s MemeSwap BETA: Early Launch with Exclusive Perks

Memereum’s MemeSwap BETA (DEX Exchange) has gone live on May 19th. It was released much ahead of the roadmap which was published earlier. Earlybirds can enjoy the perks at the presale stage. Registrations are open and can be made through the official website. At the moment, supported coins include FLOKI, SHIB, and DOGE, and plans are ahead to add more coins in the future.

Only approved applications will be eligible for trading through MemeSwap. The approval emails are being sent out from MemeSwap. Memereum Insurance will be available from the date of the insurance launch. Tokens that are purchased now will be automatically insured along with the launch of the feature.

MEME Presale Holders Holding More than $500 worth of tokens will be eligible to trade on MemeSwap Beta. After launch the full version of MemeSwap will be available to the public for free. Users can register their wallets for MemeSwap by clicking here.

Exclusive NFT Airdrop for Early $MEME Token Holders

Memereum rewards their $MEME token holder by offering limited edition NFTs for free. This is a very scarce offer, only for the first 3000 $MEME holder. To claim this free NFT worth over $3500, users need to hold a minimum of $350 worth of $MEME tokens. Free NFTs will be distributed through airdrops to the wallets.

Participate in the airdrop event by purchasing $MEME tokens through the official site –

About MemeSwap BETA

MemeSwap is the Memereum’s DEX exchange that provides insurance services. Memereum provides extensive insurance coverage for a diverse range of digital coins, ensuring protection against potential loss of value or instability. Their insurance also extends to specific notes and coins worldwide, safeguarding against inflation and mitigating the risk of depreciation relative to the USD.

To make use of the MemeSwap BETA presale holders must hold tokens worth $500. In the future, MemeSwap will be available to the general public with no minimum balance. The staking option will be enabled soon on MemeSwap. A minimum investment of 10% of the assets is required for insuring. 

Memereum: Pioneering Asset Insurance in the Crypto World

Memereum has been a game changer in the crypto landscape by being a frontrunner in securing assets on the blockchain through insurance. It provides global insurance for a diverse array of crypto assets. Investors and traders can enjoy perks like protection against loss and instability, including coverage for specific notes and coins to mitigate depreciation risks. Memreum’s comprehensive insurance extends to various precious metal coins, such as silver, gold, and antiques, ensuring the security of the user’s valuable holdings.

Fully Insured

Assets are completely secured and are eligible for insurance claims in Memereum. In the event of a Memereum insurance claim, claims will be typically processed within 3 to 5 business days. Memereum insurance covers all insured assets, including Rugpull projects, as well as crypto and fiat depreciation,

Globally Accessible

Using Memereum Card, users can seamlessly transact across cross borders. Memereum ensures transaction confidentiality and safety with funds securely stored in their non-custodial DeFi wallet. Users can withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide, enjoying the convenience of global access. Additionally, Memereum allows for discreet transactions, bypassing the need for KYC procedures, thereby enhancing privacy and ease of use. This robust combination of security, accessibility, and anonymity makes Memereum a standout choice for digital asset management.

Lending Services For All Digital Coins

Memereum is not only the first insurance provider but also a pioneer in providing lending services to all digital coins. With Memereum’s lending platform, users can borrow up to 75% against $MEME and other assets.

Unlock Automatic Rewards with Memereum’s Presale and DeFi Card

Joining the presale event of Memereum will help users get automatic rewards. The user’s tokens will be auto-staked, helping him earn daily staking rewards at a rate of 0.5%, adding up to 183% APR. Staking and DeFi cards are interconnected. Investors can receive staking rewards on their DeFi card itself. The user would just need $100 worth of $MEME to open and activate his MEME Card, which can be lucrative as it comes with an in-card staking interest of 183% APR.

Also, Memereum’s ICO comes with an auto-staking feature. Users can get in and enjoy a 183% staking return automatically.

Join Memereum’s Revolution

Memereum‘s launch of MemeSwap BETA marks a significant milestone in the platform’s evolution, reinforcing its commitment to security and innovation in the crypto industry. By integrating robust insurance services and supporting popular meme coins like FLOKI, SHIB, and DOGE, MemeSwap offers a secure and dynamic trading environment. Memereum’s comprehensive suite of products and community-focused approach has solidified its position as a leader in the Web3 sector and aims to provide investors with a stable financial ecosystem in a high-risk environment. As MemeSwap BETA opens its doors to eligible presale holders, the platform is poised to expand its offerings, enhancing accessibility and staking options for a broader audience in the near future.

To learn more about Memereum, users can visit:

Website, X page, Telegram channel, YouTube channel, Instagram,Medium.


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