Dabba Will Roll Out 10,000 Hotspots for Users of Its Demand-Driven DePIN

COVINA, CA, USA, May 24th, 2024, Chainwire

Decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) Dabba, which provides wifi connectivity to underserved markets, has unveiled season two of its demand-driven program.10,000 new hotspots will be made available for purchase to participants across the globe. These hotspots will then be deployed by network partners across India, providing internet access in regions where there is high data demand.

The second season of Dabba’s DePIN service will go live on May 23 ahead of a token generation event on Solana scheduled for July. The launch of a native token will support the creation of a two-sided marketplace between data consumers and providers responsible for building and maintaining internet infrastructure. These stakeholders are rewarded for their contributions to the Dabba network.

To coincide with the launch of season two, Dabba has released an explorer that enables users to discover current data hotspots and view current network performance. The explorer initially provides data for the Dabba testnet, which has been operational for the past two months.

Since the Dabba testnet went live, over 1,500 hotspots have been deployed and more than 15,000 unique devices connected. In the process, more than 390 TB of data has been consumed and more than $4.5K in revenue received from customers taking advantage of Dabba’s low-cost wifi service. The deployment of additional devices will meet growing data demand and significantly increase revenue.

Designed to solve the real-world problem of a shortfall in wireless data, Dabba elected to roll out its DePIN and onboard users before introducing web3 features such as tokenization. This has ensured that there is genuine demand for its service and created a viable business model that can scale to match demand.

The initial deployment of Dabba’s DePIN is taking place in India, where rural and semi-urban areas alike are underserved by incumbent data solutions. Despite India boasting the world’s second highest number of internet users, 44% of its residents lack internet access.

The team behind Dabba have eight years’ experience of network development and played a major role in powering Google’s public wifi deployments in India. They have liaised closely with the Indian government to ensure the legislation is in place to support the rollout of its demand-based DePIN.

Participants who sign up for season two of Dabba’s DePIN program in advance of its token generation event will be eligible for enhanced genesis rewards. Dabba aims to empower the over 150,000 Local Cable Operators (LCO’s) that operate as micro-ISPs across India for hotspot deployments, providing an unrivalled high speed network that will connect the world’s fifth largest economy.

About Dabba

Dabba is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that specializes in connecting the world’s underserved markets. Its technology enables users to access wireless data through a robust network that can supply high-speed internet access. By creating a two-way marketplace for wireless data, Dabba is helping to bring the world online.

Dabba Network Wiki: https://gitbook.dabba.network/

Dabba Explorer: https://explorer.dabba.network/

Learn more: https://dabba.com/learn


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