Force Marketplace Receives a Major Upgrade, as Announced by Mr. Lado Okhotnikov

Dubai, UAE, May 21st, 2024, Chainwire

Mr. Lado Okhotnikov announces Meta Force’s comprehensive upgrade to Force Marketplace

Meta Force, a blockchain-based DeFi platform led by Mr. Lado Okhotnikov, proudly announces a significant upgrade to its Force Marketplace. The latest major update focuses on enhancing the financial functionalities of the platform. Developers have made significant improvements in several key areas. Firstly, they introduced the unified balance system, an advanced pricing engine, and integrated Chainlink to provide precise exchange rates. Also, users received the ability to search for various currencies resulting in a more robust and sophisticated infrastructure. These updates emphasize the platform’s commitment to providing users with a secure and efficient financial environment.

New features 

Unified balance system. It is easier to track the single balance with a unified balance system across Meta Force services. This reduces complexity of user’s activity within the ecosystem as it is easier to monitor it. There is no need to navigate through several balances used for various services. A single balance streamlines user experience and contributes to seamless interaction within the infrastructure. It allows for smoother cross-service transactions, so one can move funds between services without the hassle of managing separate balances.

Integration of Chainlink. The network provides access to real-time data on exchange rates enabling users to get the best possible rates. Also, Chainlink transactions enhance security due to the decentralized nature of the Chainlink network. It mitigates the risk of manipulations. Since it is an oracle network, which delivers price data for various financial assets, the integration can expand users’ access to a diverse range of financial instruments. 

Robust pricing engine. It is used to display historical and current DAI prices thus increasing transparency. The technology offers users comprehensive insights into the market trends and contributes to conscious decision making. Enhanced with an improved NFT search feature, it allows users to look for the better NFT prices. 

Other features include Royalty reputation display, pagination, reinforced security protocols, bug fixes and improved optimization. Additionally, the platform refreshed its design that enhances overall aesthetics making navigation practical and intuitive.

“With this update a new developmental phase begins” said Mr. Lado Okhotnikov.

The platform’s overall update marks the beginning of a new developmental phase. While the initial set of features has been implemented, there are more in store. For instance, the platform is excited to unveil a comprehensive roadmap, which outlines upcoming innovations and additional opportunities for the future of Force Marketplace. 

About Meta Force

Meta Force is a decentralized digital platform built on the Polygon blockchain. The company has developed numerous products within its ecosystem fueled by its native coin, Forcecoin. Meta Force is dedicated to creating new digital experiences and interactions with a vision to create a metaverse in the near future.


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Meta Force
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