Morph Secures $300K Investment Round on Echo Platform

Singapore, Singapore, May 14th, 2024, Chainwire

In a display of market enthusiasm and investor confidence, Morph recently participated in the innovative crypto angel investor platform, Echo, founded by well-known crypto investor Cobie. The event marked another milestone for Morph, securing a $300K round. Echo platform angels received the same terms as prior VC investment rounds, ensuring a fair and equitable investment opportunity that reflects Morph’s commitment to a consumer and user-centric approach.

The completion of this round on Echo signals both strong investor interest in Morph’s vision and a growing demand for new platforms that simplify access to blockchain innovations. A Morph spokesperson expressed enthusiasm for platforms like Echo, which break down the barriers to entry for individual investors, resonating with Morph’s mission to make blockchain technology more accessible.

Morph has distinguished itself from other Ethereum Layer 2 solutions by focusing on the concept of consumer-centricity. Unlike the many alternatives that rely heavily on non-intuitive and complicated DeFi applications, Morph intends to build an ecosystem filled with dapps that have the same seamlessness and real-world utility as any existing web2 service. 

Morph’s CEO and co-founder, Cecilia Hsueh, explained,

“Morph’s participation in Echo is just one of the many ways in which we seek to connect with industry participants. This move allowed us to broaden our investor base, reaching those who share our goal of making blockchain technology straightforward and beneficial for everyday use. We are motivated by this early success and are committed to continuing our efforts to lead the consumer blockchain revolution, making it more accessible, understandable, and consumer-friendly. We see a future where blockchain is as commonplace and easy to use as any mainstream technology today.”

About Morph

Morph is a fully permissionless EVM L2 that uses a combination of optimistic and zero knowledge rollup technology to enable limitless possibilities in finance, gaming, social media, and entertainment. Morph is the first Layer 2 on Ethereum to launch with a decentralized sequencer, aligning it with several core principles of web3 — decentralization, censorship resistance, and security. The blockchain was built with mainstream audiences like gamers and social media users in mind, making it a user-friendly option for developers who require a chain to build these types of apps on.

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