DOT is DED ($DED) Announces Landmark Centralized Exchange Listing on MEXC

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DOT is DED ($DED), the grassroots cryptocurrency campaign that aimed to revitalize the Polkadot blockchain, has announced it will be listing on MEXC, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018, with more than 10 million users in over 170 countries. The listing reportedly took place on 9th of May 2024.

This strategic move will underscore DOT is DED’s ambitions and influence in the blockchain sector, particularly regarding the memecoin trend that dominated Q1 2024. Listing on MEXC also highlights the success of its major airdrop campaign, which saw over 1.3m DOT wallet holders receive a free, no-questions-asked airdrop of the DED token. With an FDV at launch of $1.6B, the project has outperformed the expectations set by some speculators. 

Listing on MEXC is a notable achievement for $DED, which started life as a memecoin, and has now evolved to become a symbol of community strength on the Polkadot blockchain. The ripple effect of what it has done for Polkadot is being felt on other chains that would also like to experience greater activity. Being taken seriously and earning recognition for recent events makes this listing a significant milestone and will allow the project to expand its reach, accessibility, and liquidity, further tapping into its community-driven core ideals.

Ranked as the 11th most active cryptocurrency exchange by CoinMarketCap, and with over 2,100 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform, MEXC is a great home for low market cap projects seeking greater liquidity and trade volume. The exposure to DOT is DED ($DED) that MEXC offers to its more than 10m users is hoped to translate into tangible results for this Polkadot project. 

About Dot is Ded ($DED)

Initiated by the Polkadot community with the core purpose of creating DOT’s first memecoin, it was felt that if the community worked together they could bring excitement and onboard new members to the chain. After seeing what $BONK achieved for Solana ($SOL), acting as a memecoin catalyst for revived network engagement, the answer was clear. After a successful airdrop campaign, more than 1.3m DOT wallets are reportedly holding $DED.

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