peaq Announces Upcoming Token Launch on CoinList

Singapore, Singapore, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire

peaq’s official token launch sets the stage for its takeoff as the home of DePIN, one of Web3’s hottest sectors that aims to transform the way we manage and earn from physical infrastructure.

peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs (real-world assets), unveils the upcoming official launch of its native $PEAQ token on CoinList, the leading Web3 launchpad, starting on Thursday, May 9th until Thursday, May 16th. With the launch closing in, those who are interested are encouraged to set up a CoinList account and follow peaq on its social channels, as further details will be revealed shortly. The token offering will not be available to users in the US, Canada, China, South Korea, and a range of other jurisdictions

peaq is a layer-1 blockchain working as the home of DePIN, or decentralized physical infrastructure networks — dApps that use tokens to incentivize people to crowdsource and build connected real-world physical infrastructure. Ahead of its mainnet launch, its ecosystem already features more than 25 DePINs across 10 industries building on its as their layer-1 backbone. The total number of connected machines, robots, and devices across the peaq ecosystem exceeds 400,000, including tokenized Tesla cars and smartphones measuring local noise levels.

The token launch comes as peaq is bracing for taking its mainnet live, with more projects joining the blockchain. At TOKEN2049, peaq powered the world’s first tokenized robo-cafe, launched by XMAQUINA in collaboration with ELOOP Network. Other prominent projects recently joining the peaq ecosystem include MapMetrics, originally a Solana project that unveiled its upcoming full migration on peaq, and Chirp Network, an IoT connectivity DePIN. 

About peaq 

peaq is leading a global infrastructure revolution, empowering people to own and earn from mobility, energy, connectivity, environment, agriculture, and digital infrastructure. peaq is a layer-1 blockchain designed to be the go-to backbone for DePINs (real-world apps). It is home to more than 25 applications in 10 industries and to the 400,000+ devices, vehicles, machines, and robots (Machine RWAs) that run on them. peaq serves as permissionless, borderless digital infrastructure for increasingly intelligent machines to serve all of humanity – the 100%, not just the 1% – democratizing abundance in the Age of AI and job automation.

For more information, users visit peaq, follow peaq on Twitter/X for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.


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