Millions Tune In To First Ever ICP Hub Global 24-Hour Town Hall on X Spaces

Lisbon, Portugal, May 1st, 2024, Chainwire

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) community made history yesterday with its inaugural Global Town Hall, an ambitious 24-hour event that united participants from over 30 countries. The event, which featured 12 distinct segments covering a wide range of topics related to ICP, generated such overwhelming interest that it almost broke X Spaces.

The Global Town Hall provided a platform for the ICP community to come together, share ideas, and discuss the future of the Internet Computer ecosystem. The event’s agenda was designed to showcase the diversity and depth of the ICP community, with topics ranging from technical discussions to real-world applications and governance.

Some of the key topics covered during the event included:

AI and multi-chain environments
Showcasing next-generation projects, NFTs, and VR on the Internet Computer
Opportunities and challenges for ICP and its ecosystem
The future of Web3 in various regions, including India, Turkey, and Latin America
Web3 Boom In Portugal (with Lunar Capital)
Decentralized society and governance
ICP’s potential as “Bitcoin 2.0” and for multi-chain integration
How ICP enables a revolution in community, ecosystem, research, and technology

ICP Hub Unites Global Web3 Builders

The global nature of the event was evident in the diverse range of participants, with representatives from countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, and many others across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Not only did the 24-hour stream make it trending on X, at one point of the program, the X spaces went so viral it crashed the spaces itself. This widespread participation highlights the growing interest in ICP and its potential to transform not just web3, but the internet as we know it. The ICP spaces were also hosted in multiple languages to truly capture the global scope and ideas of the entire community.

“The incredible turnout and engagement we witnessed during the Global Town Hall is a testament to the strength and passion of the ICP community all over the world,” said Shann Holmberg, Co-founder of ICP Hub Portugal. “We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of everyone who participated and helped make this event a resounding success,” he added. The event also included participation from stellar speakers (and projects) such as Ran Neuner, Crypto Banter, Wendy O, Jan Camenisch, Björn Tackmann,Paul Moeusen, Comesn Dutta, Radu Oisconescu, and many more.

The ICP Global Town Hall marks a significant milestone for the Internet Computer ecosystem, demonstrating its ability to bring together a diverse, global community united by a shared vision for the future of the internet. As ICP continues to evolve and grow, events like this will play an increasingly important role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and adoption of web3.

Following the success of this inaugural event, the ICP community is already looking forward to future Global Town Halls. As the Internet Computer ecosystem continues to expand and mature, these events will provide an essential platform for the community to connect, learn, and drive the future of decentralized technology forward.

About ICP Hub Network

The ICP Hubs Network is a global community initiative that supports the growth and adoption of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), a blockchain-based protocol enabling the creation of a decentralized alternative to traditional internet cloud providers. The network comprises regional Hubs, including ICP Hub India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, and Singapore amongst others. 

These Hubs help grow local engagement, education, and adoption of ICP technology through events, workshops, and initiatives such as educational quizzes, coding contests, community-driven airdrops, and rewards programs. The ICP Hubs Network plays a crucial role in the development of the ICP ecosystem by providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. 

As the ICP ecosystem expands, the ICP Hubs Network remains committed to supporting its global community and driving the adoption of decentralized technologies worldwide.

For more information about the Internet Computer Protocol and future community events, visit the official ICP website.


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