Foxify and Palmswap Announce Merger to Form FOXIFY Labs and Disrupt the Decentralized Trading Space

In a transformative move within the decentralized finance sector, Foxify, a prominent trading platform on the Arbitrum network, is set to merge with Palmswap, a dynamic platform built on the Binance Smartchain. This merger will see the formation of FOXIFY Labs, unifying their technological assets and vibrant community to forge a more efficient & effective trading environment.

Formation of FOXIFY Labs:

The full integration of these two businesses under three founding partners will amalgamate Palmswap’s synthetic perpetuals platform with FOXIFY’s forthcoming FUNDED application onto the Arbitrum chain, introducing proprietary trading on-chain to disrupt the rapidly expanding industry from the Web2 space. This collaboration is poised to enhance capabilities in the decentralized perpetuals and proprietary trading markets.

Danny Winn, Founder of FOXIFY, remarked, “The combination of the two technologies, creates an unrivaled package with the capabilities to disrupt the decentralized perpetuals space and prop trading, both $2bn and $6bn a year industries respectively.”


Palmswap: Since its inception, Palmswap has developed a strong foothold in synthetic perpetuals, enjoying over USD 210 million of trading volume across nearly 2,000 users.

FOXIFY: FOXIFY has notably achieved USD 185 million in trading volume across V1 & V2 with a similar user base of 2,000.

Venture Catalyst:

The merger was facilitated by VC Mempool Ventures, a specialist in Web3 with seven years of experience in the crypto space, which also recently introduced a $100 million AI fund.

“Mempool is delighted to facilitate this merger to generate a powerful synergy between two complementary technologies. The perpetuals market is crying out for disruptive innovation, and we are confident FOXIFY Labs will do just that,” stated Ian Arden, Mempool’s founder, and CEO.

Mempool will be consulting on future Fundraising rounds.

Why This Merger Matters:

The merger creates a resilient trading ecosystem that will open up an untapped niche in decentralized trading. Promising a future where technology combines creating opportunities for decentralized finance participants – to convert trading into a real earning opportunity through funded accounts.

Why Pay Attention:

The impending launch of features of FUNDED, and the integration of NFTs to enhance trading benefits, positions FOXIFY to set a new benchmark in the decentralized perpetuals trading space.

This merger between Foxify and Palmswap is not merely a combination of two platforms but a forward-looking venture set to reshape the landscape of DeFi and trading.

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