Freak Off Announces Upcoming Token Pre-Sale for Its Blockchain Racing and Breeding Game

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 24th, 2024, Chainwire

Freak Off, a groundbreaking play-to-earn web-based racing and breeding game, is excited to announce the upcoming pre-sale of its native token, Freak Off Token (FOT). This pre-sale represents a unique opportunity for early supporters to be part of a game-changing project in the blockchain gaming space.

In Freak Off, players can own, breed, and race exotic creatures known as Freaks. Each Freak is unique, with its own set of traits determined by a complex DNA system that mirrors real-world genetics. This level of detail brings a depth to the gameplay that is rarely seen in other games, and creates over 1 billion possible combinations of Freaks.

Players can breed their Freaks to create offspring with new traits, or fuse creatures to enhance abilities and customize looks, giving players the power to create Freaks that are truly unique.

Freak Off offers a racing experience that is truly unpredictable and thrilling. The races are automated, meaning that once the Freaks are set on the track, the result is entirely up to their abilities. These racing mechanics allow for surprising victories and unexpected turns of events. To enhance the immersive experience, Freak Off also features an AI-generated commentary system that brings each race to life.

The game utilizes smart contracts for all in-game transactions, providing transparency and security for players. The native token, Freak Off Token (FOT), is built on the Polygon blockchain, ensuring wide compatibility and easy integration with existing crypto wallets and exchanges.

The Freak Off demo is already live on the website and the full launch details will be released soon.

Shortly after the token pre-sale, an NFT sale featuring the unique Freaks will be launched. This is an opportunity for players to own a piece of the game and be able to participate in all activities including NFT breeding.

FOT token holders gain exclusive access to special game features for their Freaks, such as limited race events, beauty contests, and advanced breeding and fusion options. Early buyers will benefit from several incentives:

The highest volume buyers during the pre-sale will receive airdropped NFTs of the initial set of Freaks.
Participants will get complimentary entries into an NFT draw for a chance to win a Freak.
Additional discounts on NFT purchases will be available to those who partake in the FOT token pre-sale.

For more information about Freak Off and to participate in the pre-sale, visit

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