Infrastructure is the key to mass adoption” Founder Dr. Han at ‘Token2049 VC & Web3 Ecosystem Party

Dubai, UAE, April 24, 2024, a top crypto exchange and Web3 innovator, and Huawei Cloud, a leading cloud computing provider delivering cutting-edge Web3 infrastructure, successfully co-hosted the ‘Token2049 Exclusive Night VC & Web3 Ecosystem Party’ side event on April 19 at TOKEN2049 Dubai. Hundreds of guests attended the event, which featured speakers from various projects, VCs, blockchain ecosystems, and institutional firms.



With top-tier panel rosters and expert keynotes from Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of, and Cui Lei, Web3 General Manager of Huawei Cloud, this premier side event was about leveraging the ambition and positivity around the halving and TOKEN2049 and turning that into actionable insights for guests.

The event commenced with Dr. Lin Han’s opening speech, addressing the challenges of integrating blockchain technology into our daily lives and emphasizing the importance of infrastructure solutions. Drawing an analogy to the early days of the Internet, he highlighted that a comprehensive approach to these challenges, such as’s multifaceted services and infrastructure, would help to accelerate the pace of widespread, mainstream usage. The next speaker, Cui Lei, delivered a keynote speech that further expanded on the critical challenges related to Web3 infrastructure and how Huawei Cloud addresses them, shedding light on the company’s innovative ‘everything as a service’ approach.

The event also included two engaging panel discussions with speakers from Huawei Cloud, Cypher Capital, Waterdrip Capital, M55 Capital, LKI Consulting, Sinohope, Safeheron, and ContinuumDAO. The first delved into the impact of prevailing and historical patterns on the digital asset market’s future trajectory and analyzed whether it will deviate from its traditional cycle. Meanwhile, in the second, speakers shared viewpoints and concepts related to the possible market developments and advancements that will shape the digital asset space following the halving.

During the discussion on digital identities in the decentralized era, Fred Hsu, CEO and co-founder of D3, one of’s Web3 identity partners, emphasized the importance of interoperability, future-proofing, and universality. The conversation revolved around how D3 is creating a seamless and secure Web2-Web3 domain system that can function across multiple platforms and networks while ensuring that it remains relevant and adaptable to future technological developments.

The in-depth and insightful discussions, along with ample networking opportunities with leaders from across the spectrum, made for an enriching experience for all who participated. Overall, it was an excellent platform for individuals to connect, learn, and gain valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.

In closing, extends gratitude to event co-host Huawei Cloud, the guests and speakers, and the sponsors who helped make this the premier TOKEN2049 side event, namely M55 Capital, D3,, and LTP.  M55 is a French crypto fund at the forefront of leveraging the untamable but regulated space, teaming up crypto veterans’ with TRADFI’s established networks. is the Fiat-to-Crypto fraud prevention provider of choice, offering fraud prevention managed services based on adaptive AI using behaviour pattern detection, delivering high-efficacy decisions in under 300ms with up to 98% approval rates and a chargeback guarantee for zero-risk net incremental profit. Lastly, LTP leads the way in digital asset prime brokerage, seamlessly connecting centralized and decentralized exchanges while handling over $400 billion in annual trading.


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