and Aethir Join Forces to Revolutionize How the World Accesses Supercomputing Power

Singapore, Singapore, April 22nd, 2024, Chainwire

In a move set to transform the computing landscape, and Aethir today announced a groundbreaking partnership to make supercomputing accessible to all. By combining their decentralized networks of hundreds of thousands of GPUs worldwide, they aim to become a shared hub for computing — enabling anyone to rent out their idle computing power and allowing all developers to affordably access the massive processing required to build cutting-edge AI.

The rapid rise of AI has created skyrocketing demand for computing horsepower. But for startups and developers, the only current options are building their own expensive server farms or renting computers from big corporations like Amazon and Microsoft — uneconomical approaches that stifle innovation. and Aethir are on a mission to change that. has built a vast decentralized network of over 600,000 GPUs and CPUs worldwide. Now, through this partnership, Aethir’s 40,000 top-tier GPUs, including 3,000 powerful NVIDIA H100s, will also plug into the network. Developers will be able to instantly tap into this aggregated computing power on-demand, dramatically reducing costs.

Breaking Down Geographical Barriers to Innovation

Geographical barriers to innovation will also crumble. Most of today’s computing infrastructure is concentrated in highly developed countries. For an AI startup in an underdeveloped country, precious data must inefficiently travel across the globe. But no longer. The network will crowdsource computing power in the developers’ own backyards, minimizing latency and costs.

And it’s not just developers who win. Anyone with an idle computer or high-performance GPU will be able to share their spare computing power, earning rewards in the process. It’s a win-win that democratizes access to tomorrow’s essential resource: computation.

To kick off their collaboration, and Aethir will airdrop $50M of each other’s tokens to their respective communities — a $100M commitment to accelerating the world’s computing transformation.

Executive Insights

The synergies between and Aethir are as obvious as they are extensive,” said CEO Ahmad Shadid. “We are delighted to work hand in glove to make supercomputing accessible to all.”

“The synergies between and Aethir are as obvious as they are extensive, and we are delighted to work hand in glove to provide users with best-in-class cloud compute services,” said Ahmad Shadid, CEO of

“We are looking forward to bringing our enterprise-grade and high-scale GPU compute capacity to the overall ecosystem,” added Aethir CEO Daniel Wang. “Making high-performance computers accessible to all is a mission we both share, and this collaboration brings the world an important step closer to achieving that.” 

About deploys and manages on-demand, decentralized GPU clusters in the IO Network. IO Network is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) of geo-distributed GPUs from multiple sources. Hundreds of thousands of GPUs are accessible today in IO Network, and this Internet of GPUs is specifically architected for low latency, high processing demand use cases like AI/ML ops and cloud gaming. democratizes access to GPU compute capacity while reducing costs, expediting lead times, and expanding choice for engineers and businesses. Access compute capacity for a fraction of the cost or become a capacity supplier at

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About Aethir

Aethir is the leading DePIN, Enterprise-grade, AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service provider in the market. Leveraging a highly distributed cloud computing infrastructure allows GPU providers to serve AI and gaming customers at scale.

Aethir aims to serve enterprise AI clients who need the world’s most powerful AI chips at scale, and also to support hundreds of thousands of cloud gaming players with best-in-class experiences around the world. All of this is accomplished with a decentralized architecture, bringing the GPU cloud to the community and making compute accessible for all.

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