Gaming platform Upland launches its airdrop platform in Partnership with NFTNYC

New York, New York, April 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Upland’s co-Founder Dirk Lueth announced today during the NFTNYC OMA3 panel the official launch of Uplandme’s SHARE & BUILD airdrop series at

NFTNYC participants who join the Share & Build platform will be dropped a unique #NFTNYC2024 NFT game piece in the Upland metaverse and an exclusive signup bonus. Three exclusive “hidden property” NFT will be drawn in Upland’s sold out Manhattan as part of the launch.

Upland’s ‘Share & Build’ Airdrop Series: Chapter 1 – Social Engagement Rewards, will run for 3 weeks, allowing participants to earn points for engaging with social content on twitter (X). Points will be converted to SPARKLET in Upland. In parallel, participants will also be able to earn the token through tailored missions within the Upland platform.

The airdrop campaign is live ahead of the anticipated Sparklet Token Event. SPARKLET, (formerly SPARK), is Upland’s in-game utility token, powering the GameFi builder and creator economy. The token has seen widespread adoption with over 130,000 holders over the past 2 years. Following an overwhelming 87.25% community approval vote for its White Paper, Upland is working to bridge its token to be used outside of Upland.

About Upland

Silicon Valley, CA based Upland, is the leading mobile web3 metaverse platform with a mission to build the world’s largest digital open economy. Boasting strategic alliances with entities like FIFA, the NFLPA, and UNICEF, Upland offers a diverse range of activities, from a strategy game trading virtual properties to car racing and engaging in rich social experiences. Upland has a robust third-party developer ecosystem that integrates both Web2 and Web3 applications into its GameFi platform.


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