Mazda, a global automotive company, is debuting its unique NFTs on Astar’s zkEVM launch campaign “Yoki Origins”

Singapore, Singapore, April 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Astar Network is delighted to announce that Mazda Motor Corporation is participating in “Yoki Origins,” the launch campaign for Astar zkEVM- the Ethereum Layer 2 powered by Polygon CDK and the first chain to integrate Polygon AggLayer.

Introducing the Japanese automotive company Mazda’s iconic NFT art debut in Yoki Origins! This collection heralds a new era of communication and storytelling for Mazda in the digital realm. With symbolic significance, it’s not just a first step but potentially the start of a captivating series. Infused with Japanese aesthetics, the NFTs feature Mazda’s iconic MX-5 MIATA, embodying a unique subcultural essence.

A total of 10 NFTs are as follows, excluding 2 secret NFTs:

Mazda × Japanese season: 4 NFTs

Mazda × Astar: 1 NFT

Mazda × Hiroshima: 1 NFT

NA/ND MX-5 MIATA special: 2 NFTs

Secret: 2 NFTs

URL to the YoPort:

YoPort Launch date: April 5th 10 AM JST / 1 AM UTC

In addition to Mazda’s participation in Yoki Origins, additional enterprises and web3 projects are planned to be featured. Stay tuned for more updates!

About Astar Network

Astar Network is the gateway for projects across enterprises, entertainment & gaming in Japan and beyond, driving global adoption and delivering web3 to billions. It leverages a cross-virtual machine powered by Polygon and Polkadot to offer customizable blockchain solutions that accelerate web3 adoption. With zk-powered Ethereum L2 Scaling (zkEVM), EVM, Wasm, and a cutting-edge ecosystem, Astar delivers robust, secure, and interoperable web3 technology. Astar zkEVM is the new Layer-2 solution to scale a web3 experience on Ethereum with zero knowledge (ZK) technology. Astar Network connects you to web3.

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Additional Corporate Participation

Astar Network welcomes collaboration opportunities for projects interested in building on Astar zkEVM and joining the Yoki Origins Campaign. If you are interested, fill out the following Deform:


Maarten Henskens
[email protected]

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