DOGLNAUT Launches on Solana with Charitable Focus

Miami, United States, April 3rd, 2024, Chainwire

Among the latest entrants to the crypto MEME token space on Solana is DOGLNAUT, utilizing useful tokenomics, a commitment to charitable giving, a fair launch approach, and deflationary mechanisms to take MEME tokens to the next level. DOGLNAUT is excited to embark on a journey of influence in the market’s crypto galaxy.

Fair Launch and Presale Launch

In a realm often marred by scams and rug pulls, DOGLNAUT upholds the principles of fairness through its launch approach. The highly anticipated presale is set to start on April 5. It will end on April 19, with the Liquidity Pool opening on April 20, allowing enthusiasts to join the cosmic journey. Lasting two weeks, the presale will ensure ample time for early supporters to secure their place in the DOGLNAUT community.

To foster inclusivity and deter whale manipulation, the presale imposes a minimum purchase amount of 0.5 SOL and a maximum purchase amount of 5 SOL. This approach not only helps mitigate the risk of large investors dominating the market but also helps ensure a level playing field, allowing individuals of all backgrounds to participate and contribute to the project’s success.

Innovative Tokenomics

DOGLNAUT’S innovative tokenomics are designed to foster liquidity, sustainability, and engage in charitable giving. Of the total 1,000,000,000 supply, 45% will be reserved for the presale, and 45% will be allocated to the liquidity pool.

Of the remaining 10%, 5% of the tokens will be earmarked for charitable donations but will essentially be “softlocked” until they reach a value that can maximize the amount of contributions that can be made, in order to further DOGLNAUT’s mission of making a positive impact. The remaining 5% will be dedicated to marketing, hiring, and other expenses which are crucial to amplifying DOGLNAUT’s visibility and reach.

Community Engagement and Charitable Giving

From the start, DOGLNAUT hopes to create a vibrant and passionate community, united by a shared vision of technology and philanthropy. DOGLNAUT’s innovative tokenomics, built on the Token-2022 standard, help ensure sustainable tokenomics and ongoing support for charitable initiatives, with a miniscule fee of 2% on transactions.

This fee is distributed into a pool which will be used 0.5% for advertising, 0.5% for replenishing the liquidity pool, 0.5% for donations, and the remaining 0.5% will be burned, creating a sustainable and deflationary ecosystem that benefits both investors and society. This deflationary pressure inherently increases the scarcity of DOGL tokens, incentivizing community members to HODL their DOGL, fostering a robust and sustainable token economy.

The Future

As DOGLNAUT prepares for its maiden voyage into the cryptoverse, The DOGLNAUT team is excited to begin our journey with a fun and light-hearted MEME to Solana. With other projects on the horizon, sustainable tokenomics, a commitment to charitable giving, and a vibrant community, DOGLNAUT aims to make a lasting impact on the Solana landscape and beyond.


We are a dedicated collective of developers, united in our mission to harness the power of memes for positive societal impact. Our team boasts a diverse array of talents, from web development to traditional finance, and we’re passionate about leveraging the Solana blockchain and the innovative Token-2022 standard. Our goal is to create a dynamic, sustainable ecosystem with robust tokenomics designed for longevity. Beyond fueling a MEME token with community creativity and strength, we’re committed to building a platform that fosters meaningful engagement and delivers impactful outcomes. Our vision extends to establishing a DAO, empowering our community to direct our efforts towards the most impactful causes. Together, we’re not just envisioning change; we’re coding it into reality.

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